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December 28, 2023


The big lad in the red suit has been and gone. We are in that weird limbo world where no one knows what day it is. And it is that time of the year when we look back on the past twelve months and start planning for the next.

This week's blog will give you a summary of what we shared with you in 2023. StoreFeeder aims always to be more of a partner than just a platform. Our blogs share our knowledge and experience to help you with advice and guidance on your challenges as an eCommerce entrepreneur.

So, buckle up as we take a month-by-month trip through 2023, and we hope that there is plenty here to help you plan for 2024.

eCommerce Blogs Winter 2023


In January, we looked at trends you could expect to see in 2023, the challenge of keeping returns low, and we dipped our toe into the metaverse. The blog we will highlight is “Warehouse Management for Your eCommerce Business”.  

We explored why managing your warehouse is a make-or-break scenario for your business.

We said:

“A good WMS will provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, automate manual processes such as the creation of picking and packing lists, and improve the accuracy of warehouse operations; a WMS can help eCommerce businesses to improve their operations, increase customer satisfaction, and grow their business. In other words, you should consider a WMS if you don’t already have one.”

The blog then gives you five tips to get your warehouse in tip-top shape. It’s all here if you want to take a look.  


After nineteen weeks of January, we were ready for the short month; we did not short on blogs. We covered everything from multichannel selling to the value of stock and inventory management. One highlight is ‘Why businesses should sell on Amazon’.

We said:

“Almost 90% of shoppers are using Amazon. A report from Mintel has shown that, in the UK, almost 90% of shoppers are using Amazon, and around 70% of Amazon UK customers use this marketplace at least once a month. This means consumers can easily use this platform as a search engine to find your products. But what is it that these users are interested in?

The most popular product categories were cited as:

Hardcopy media: books, DVD’s and video games (39%)
Electricals (30%)
Fashion/Jewellery (30%)
Toys (20%)
Therefore, if you sell products across any of these categories, it’s likely that selling on Amazon may hold some potential for your business.”

The blog goes on to detail four more compelling reasons for you to be selling your products on Amazon.  


March is great for one reason: the clocks go forward, and it does start to look like winter is ending. In eCommerce, though, March signifies the start of the spring/summer season, and people start to think about holidays. We were looking at channel integrations and how you can do it; we had 12 rules for eCommerce and how to get the best from your marketplace listings. However, the one blog everybody wanted to read was, ‘How to Make the Best of Your Spring Sales’.

We said:

“Spring is an exciting time for eCommerce businesses. With the warmer weather, people start thinking about updating their homes and wardrobes, planning outdoor activities, and buying gifts for Mother's Day and Easter. As a result, well-prepared eCommerce businesses can expect a surge in sales during the spring season. However, to make the most of this opportunity, it's important to pay attention to the well-prepared element of the above.”  

This must-read blog has five great tips to get your spring sale off to a profitable start.  

Spring Blogs April to June 2023


Now we’re talking! The sunshine is back, and quarter one is behind us. Our focus for the blogs was on how to start an eCommerce business, why awards matter, and what eCommerce will look like in ten years. Let’s examine how popular online selling is and why eCommerce grew as rapidly as it did.

We said:

“Convenience: Number one has to be the ease of it. Online shopping is incredibly convenient. You can shop from the comfort of your home at any time of day or night. There's no need to queue or battle through crowds of shoppers. And, as many companies have benefitted from, shopping can be fun after a couple of glasses of wine. Hence, most eCommerce sellers enter work to a deluge of orders on Monday mornings.”  

This blog takes time to look at how this digital phenomenon changed retail and gives insight into how you could use digital marketplaces to grow your business.  


The summer holiday season is upon us, and the first half of the year is almost done. This month, we looked at how it can be dangerous to rely on singular personnel to run crucial elements of the business; we also opened the book on excellent customer service and how that can be a secret weapon in the competitive world of eCommerce. May is also show season, and we went to IRX and met many of you and some companies with whom we could form partnerships.

We said:  

“The pandemic has not been kind to the exhibition market. The thought of thousands of people shaking hands and being close to people from all over the country and Europe has been terrifying for many. Slowly but surely, however, the exhibition scene has come back to life. IRX, although not the size it once was, has been a rewarding experience and a brilliant opportunity to meet some of the brightest companies in eCommerce.

Most company’s objective for attending these events is to generate new business. We will do our fair share of that, no doubt. But this year, we had another objective: to get out and meet businesses offering best-in-class solutions to let our customers know what is out there and how these innovative solutions can help them grow their revenue streams.”  

You can read the rest of this blog here.  


So, we have reached half-time. In blog terms, I think we’re about 23-0 up, but our mission is to share, and that is precisely what we have continued to do. As the days passed, we turned our attention to how your business can go green using an app instead of paper. We gave you five reasons why you should be using a WMS, and then we topped it off with the benefits of moving from order-based picking to consolidated picking.

We said:

“Consolidated picking is a selection of fulfilment strategies commonly used in eCommerce warehouses to optimise order-picking. As a rule, consolidated picking combines multiple customer orders into a single pickwave or batch, allowing warehouse staff to fulfil multiple orders simultaneously and increase efficiency.

Instead of picking items for each order separately, consolidated picking involves picking items for multiple orders at once based on their proximity and similarity. A system like StoreFeeder will allow you to pick by product, courier, or into totes.”

This is a fascinating blog and can help anyone who is running a warehouse for eCommerce.

Summer Blogs July to September 2023


As people drift off to sunny climates and we all start complaining about it being too hot, team StoreFeeder continued our quest to share our experience and tips to give your eCommerce business an advantage. July saw us cover topics such as improving picking accuracy, selling on OnBuy, and how useful multichannel software can be for eCommerce. We also dropped a blog about how Team StoreFeeder helped out a local charity with ties to some of Team StoreFeeder.

We said:

“At StoreFeeder, we believe in positively impacting the eCommerce industry and the communities we serve. That is why, in 2020, we launched an initiative called StaffFeeder, a good-willed endeavour that channels the power of our staff's appetite for the greater good. Donating the profits from our head office's staff canteen to local charities fosters a sense of purpose and compassion while supporting organisations that make a difference in people’s lives. This blog post will explore why we embarked on this initiative, its significance for smaller charities, and its profound benefits to our team.”

Please read all about our efforts here.  


Is it the last Bank Holiday until Christmas? You betcha! However, August is the gateway to the busy season. We all know that once that bank holiday is over, we will enter the sharp end of eCommerce. Our blog did not shy away from that, with eyes fixed firmly on Q4. We blogged on navigating Black Friday and Christmas and the power of UK marketplaces, and we had our first guest blog from Sage detailing how to scale for international growth.

They said:

“With a constantly expanding customer base and the increasing accessibility of digital platforms, the potential to tap into international markets has never been more promising.

According to Statista, global eCommerce sales will increase by nearly 56% in the next few years and hit around $8.1 trillion. There’s much money to be made in global markets - that said, it requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges of international expansion.”

This is a fascinating read; we were delighted to publish it.  


The month we all go back to school. We had another show in the form of eCommerce Expo, and the blog was helping you all get match fit for the final quarter of 2023. Subjects covered included how to increase online sales and the benefits of trade shows, and we gave you ten tips for a successful eCommerce warehouse.

We said:

“When you started in eCommerce, managing and owning a warehouse was probably the last thing on your mind. Then the sales start to roll in, the box room and every other available space in the house or office cease to be good places to store stock, and you realise you need a warehouse.  

The warehouse becomes your lifeline, and you begin to understand that at the heart of every successful eCommerce business lies a bustling warehouse, the engine that powers the online shopping experience. Picture this: a hive of activity where products flow seamlessly from shelves to packages, ready to embark on their journeys to delighted customers. If you are an eCommerce entrepreneur, this is where dreams come true, where your hard work transforms into satisfied customers.”

This blog was a blueprint for getting your warehousing right for eCommerce.  

Blogs from October to December 2023


The sales are beginning to increase, and Black Friday and the holiday season are approaching; how can we help? We keep sharing; October saw blogs covering subjects as varied as success tips in eCommerce, inventory management, customer service as a weapon and how to get the best out of your product listings.

We said:

“It’s one of those jobs that seems more complicated than it is and seems time-consuming, so we leave it and put it off. However, optimising your listings is essential and one job that you do not want to put off.

Your product listings are the virtual storefronts your customers browse, and just like a physical store, you want them to be engaging, informative, and persuasive. Let's explore why optimised product listings matter and how you can seamlessly incorporate this into your eCommerce business routine.”

If you are in eCommerce and read just one of the 2023 blogs, this could be the kiddie!


Panic! It’s Black Friday! Run for the hills! Or buckle down and get those sales in! Looking at the numbers, most of you chose the latter. The blog is always trying to be helpful, so for November, we shared wisdom on how to make your eCommerce site perform and master multichannel selling.

We said:

“Multichannel selling is more than just expanding your reach; it's about meeting customers where they are. With StoreFeeder, the power to seamlessly manage multiple channels — from industry giants like Amazon and eBay to your web store — lies at your fingertips. But, with such power comes great responsibility; how do you best use a tool like StoreFeeder to your advantage and ensure that your business sees incredible growth to return on your investment?”

Strangely, we still speak to eCommerce businesses not selling across multiple channels; this blog was an indictment of why you should. Plus, it’s simple to do: if you have doubts, we can help.


To quote Brighton’s finest, “We’ve come a long way, baby.” December is one of the most vital months for eCommerce. It starts busy, gets mad in the middle, and then all hell breaks loose towards the end. High performing logistics are essential for your business during December, and we looked at that with the blog, particularly the subject of temporary staff. At this time of the year, they are necessary, but they can reduce productivity; there is a solution, and of course, we blogged about it.

We said:

“Temporary staff are saviours at this time of the year; however, if you have a large warehouse and are selling many lines with loads of variations, using temporary staff during this period can have advantages and disadvantages for your warehouse operations.”

This blog examines the advantages and disadvantages of temp staff and give some solutions on how to make the best of them and keep productivity high.

The End

That is a year of blogs with tips and advice on eCommerce. We say it constantly, but we have been at this a while, and your success is ours. We look forward to 2024, there will be more blogs, and StoreFeeder has big plans for next year.

In the meantime, if you want to know more or look at how StoreFeeder helps eCommerce businesses grow through efficiency and practical working systems, let’s chat.
Thank you for reading the blog; we will return in 2024.

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December 28, 2023

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