Increased picking accuracy

Utilising our Android and iOS compatible App, businesses can get more accuracy throughout the picking process, ensuring the right products get picked and passed to the packing team and ultimately to the customer. While we still offer the traditional paper-based system to customers, they can be prone to errors, such as misplaced or misread documents. But by adopting StoreFeeder’s paperless warehouse management system through the App, companies can benefit from our technology which offers barcode scanning for validation of picks, meaning increased accuracy in the picking and order processing activities.

Increased picking accuracy

Eliminate picking mistakes

  • Complete control over individual picker actions
    Our App provides 4 levels of validation, giving you the ability to choose the level of control for each of your pickers to ensure accuracy. With different levels of required validation scans throughout the process, you can be confident that each picker, regardless of knowledge or experience, is picking the right products from the correct locations. This accuracy at the picking stage ensures the correct items are received at the packing bench during the despatch process, reducing the risk of sending incorrect items to customers.
  • Reduced return rates
    Returns are expensive for businesses, not only incurring financial and labour costs, but they also risk negative customer feedback. However, our reliable warehouse management system ensures accurate picking and in turn, the correct items being available for packing, ensuring customers receive the right items, avoiding the need for returns and the additional associated costs, saving your business time and money.
  • Gain back time through increased efficiency
    StoreFeeder's App and intelligent warehouse management solution optimises your operations by automating previously manual tasks. Your pickers follow the App's instructions, which guides them to the correct stock location and displays the quantities to pick on-screen. By streamlining the process, StoreFeeder significantly reduces the requirement for extensive product knowledge and ensures all your staff, regardless of experience, are working efficiently and in turn giving you increased productivity.
  • We save you money
    Utilising the App eliminates the costs associated with paper, ink, printing equipment, and storage space for physical documents. Additionally, by improving operational efficiency and accuracy, your company can reduce its labour costs, minimise returned orders and reduce shipping errors, all of which add up to significant cost savings for your business.
Increased picking accuracy

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