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Find answers to all your burning questions and discover how StoreFeeder can revolutionise your eCommerce business. Whether you're a new user or a seasoned pro, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive FAQ section is designed to provide clear and concise information on all aspects of StoreFeeder.


The platform

Is StoreFeeder a multichannel management system?

Yes, StoreFeeder is indeed a multichannel management system. It is designed to help businesses efficiently manage their operations across multiple sales channels. With StoreFeeder, businesses can seamlessly connect and integrate their various online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more, into one central platform.

This enables businesses to manage their product listings, inventory, orders, and fulfilment processes from a single interface. StoreFeeder provides real-time updates on stock levels, synchronises inventory across all channels, and automates critical tasks like order processing and shipping. By consolidating multichannel operations, StoreFeeder empowers businesses to streamline their workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance their overall sales performance.

Can StoreFeeder generate courier labels?

StoreFeeder can generate courier labels. As a feature-rich multichannel and omnichannel software solution, StoreFeeder integrates with various courier services, allowing businesses to seamlessly generate shipping labels from the platform.

With StoreFeeder, businesses can select the most suitable shipping carrier for each order based on cost, delivery speed, and destination. The system automatically generates labels and updates tracking information, saving time, reducing manual data entry errors, and ensuring smooth order fulfilment. StoreFeeder's shipping management service empowers businesses to streamline their shipping processes and deliver orders to customers efficiently and accurately.

StoreFeeder ensures you send all parcels using the correct service per your shipping rules. Over time this saves your business a lot of money.

Is StoreFeeder a warehouse management System?

In a word, yes. StoreFeeder is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS). As a leading provider of multichannel and omnichannel software solutions for eCommerce businesses, StoreFeeder offers a robust platform encompassing various features, including warehouse management, order processing, and shipping solutions. With StoreFeeder's Warehouse Management System, businesses can efficiently manage their inventory, streamline order processing, and optimise their shipping operations across multiple channels.

The system provides real-time visibility into stock levels, automates order fulfilment processes, and integrates seamlessly with various sales channels. StoreFeeder's WMS empowers businesses to enhance warehouse efficiency, improve order accuracy, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How does StoreFeeder manage order processing?

StoreFeeder connects to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Etsy, Not on The Highstreet. We also connect to websites such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Bluepark and EKM. We do this through API.

This enables StoreFeeder to import all received orders from these channels into one dashboard, which can then be processed. StoreFeeder offers many ways of processing and collating orders. You can create pickwaves by order; we would recommend, however, using consolidated picking, where you can pick into totes, by product, by location or by courier. Along with efficient order processing StoreFeeder also offers a complete warehouse management system. Processing orders will never be as easy as it is with StoreFeeder. If you have any questions or have a specific way you like to process your orders and want to know if StoreFeeder can accommodate that, you can contact us here; we are happy to help.

Can I perform listing management using StoreFeeder?

StoreFeeder enables you to manage your listings for most of your integrations. Within the StoreFeeder platform, products are king. All information that StoreFeeder needs to manage your listings is within each product file.

When selecting a channel to list the product on, StoreFeeder will enable you to pick that channel through the dashboard. A template page will open, allowing you to complete the listing and send it to the correct channel.

Once the listing template is completed, you can publish it to the channel. Listings management within StoreFeeder has been designed to make listing products easier. Not all integrations have this feature, however. If you are in doubt, you can contact us here, and we will be happy to help.



How do I process orders from eBay, Amazon and Magento?

To process orders from eBay, Amazon, and Magento using StoreFeeder, you can follow these steps:

Integration Setup: First, you must set up the integrations for eBay, Amazon, and Magento within StoreFeeder. This involves connecting your accounts and granting necessary permissions for data synchronisation.

Order Import: StoreFeeder will automatically import orders from your integrated eBay, Amazon, and Magento platforms into its centralised dashboard. You'll be able to see all your orders from these channels in one place.

Order Management: In StoreFeeder, you can manage your orders efficiently. You can view order details, update order status, allocate stock, and process payments if necessary.

Order Processing: Once you've reviewed the orders, you can process them for fulfilment. StoreFeeder provides tools to streamline the picking, packing, and shipping process. You can generate shipping labels, track packages, and update shipment status within the platform.

Inventory Management: StoreFeeder synchronises your inventory across eBay, Amazon, and Magento. As orders are processed, and stock levels change, StoreFeeder automatically updates the inventory on all platforms to prevent overselling.

Communication and Customer Service: StoreFeeder allows you to communicate with customers directly from the platform. You can send order confirmations and shipping updates, and respond to customer inquiries, ensuring excellent customer service.

StoreFeeder's centralised order management system simplifies handling orders from multiple channels. It helps you streamline operations, reduce manual work, and provide a seamless experience for your customers across eBay, Amazon, and Magento platforms.

Can I integrate Shopify with Amazon?

Yes, StoreFeeder can be used to integrate Amazon with Shopify. StoreFeeder offers a comprehensive multi-channel management solution that allows you to connect and synchronise your Amazon and Shopify stores. Integrating these platforms allows you to streamline operations, manage inventory, process orders, and track shipments seamlessly.

With StoreFeeder, you can:

Sync Inventory: Keep your product listings and stock levels updated across Amazon and Shopify. Any changes made in one platform will automatically reflect in the other, helping you maintain accurate inventory information.

Manage Orders: StoreFeeder centralises your order management, allowing you to view, process, and fulfil orders from Amazon and Shopify in one dashboard. This eliminates the need to switch platforms and helps streamline your order fulfilment process.

Shipping Integration: StoreFeeder integrates with various shipping carriers, including those supported by Amazon and Shopify. You can generate shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments seamlessly from within the platform.

Automated Workflows: StoreFeeder enables you to set up automated workflows, such as order routing rules and inventory allocation, to optimise your fulfilment process and ensure efficient order processing.

By integrating Amazon with Shopify using StoreFeeder, you can effectively manage your online sales across both platforms, enhance inventory control, streamline order processing, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Can I integrate DPD, Royal Mail and Evri?

Yes. StoreFeeder has full integrations for all of these couriers. As with the Royal Mail integration, full API integrations enable you to generate labels for your orders. These integrations allow you to easily manage your shipping and logistics operations through StoreFeeder's centralised platform. Whether you need to create labels, track shipments, or manage returns, StoreFeeder provides seamless integration with these popular courier services, ensuring efficient order fulfilment and customer satisfaction. By connecting your StoreFeeder account with DPD, Royal Mail, and Evri, you can streamline your shipping processes and deliver a smooth customer experience.

For an eCommerce business, integrating with couriers like DPD, Royal Mail, and Evri through StoreFeeder offers several advantages:

Streamlined Shipping: StoreFeeder's integration allows you to manage all your shipping needs from one central platform. You can easily create shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments across multiple couriers without separate systems or manual data entry.

Time and Cost Savings: By automating shipping processes and eliminating manual tasks, you can save valuable time and reduce operational costs. With StoreFeeder, you can efficiently generate labels, arrange collections, and print manifests, enabling faster order processing and improved productivity.

Improved Order Management: Integration with couriers ensures real-time order tracking and updates. You can keep your customers informed about the status of their shipments, providing a positive post-purchase experience and reducing customer inquiries and complaints.

Flexibility and Choice: StoreFeeder's integration with multiple couriers allows you to choose the most suitable shipping options for your business. Whether you prefer DPD, Royal Mail, Evri, or other supported couriers, you can select the services that best meet your delivery requirements and customer preferences.

Overall, integrating with couriers through StoreFeeder simplifies your shipping operations, enhances order management, and contributes to a smooth and efficient eCommerce experience for your business and customers.

How do I set up a Royal Mail integration?

StoreFeeder has direct integration into Royal Mail via Pancreatin this integration is pretty straightforward. When you have integratedStoreFeeder with Royal Mail, you can easily create labels and manifest orders shipped with Royal Mail services directly within the platform. Even if you have multiple Royal Mail accounts, you can enter them as separate integrations tonsure smooth processing.

StoreFeeder's Royal Mail integration offers several benefits to eCommerce businesses:

Streamlined Shipping Process: With StoreFeeder's Royal Mail integration, you can simplify your shipping process by generating Royal Mail labels directly within the platform. This eliminates the need to use separate systems or manually input shipping information, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

End-of-Day Manifests: StoreFeeder lets you produce end-of-day manifests for Royal Mail, consolidating all your shipments in one document. This simplifies the process of providing proof of posting and can help with tracking and managing your outgoing shipments.

Multiple Account Integration: If you have multiple Royal Mail accounts, StoreFeeder allows you to integrate and manage them separately. This is beneficial if you have different accounts for business operations or work with multiple warehouses or locations.

Real-Time Updates and Tracking: As you process orders and generate labels through StoreFeeder's Royal Mail integration, you can track andmonitor the status of your shipments in real time. This allows you and yourcustomers to stay informed about the progress of deliveries.

Overall, StoreFeeder's Royal Mail integration streamlines your shipping operations, enhances efficiency, and provides a seamless experience for managing Royal Mail shipments within your eCommerce business.

Can you integrate Amazon and eBay?

StoreFeeder integrates many marketplaces and web stores. The platform does not directly integrate Amazon and eBay but puts orders from both marketplaces into one dashboard. StoreFeeder allows you to list both marketplaces and will manage your inventory and keep your inventory numbers up to date automatically as orders are placed.

So, whilst StoreFeeder does not directly integrate Amazon and eBay, it gives you a single dashboard to manage orders, inventory, and the despatch of orders from both these marketplaces and your webstores. You can see how StoreFeeder does this by requesting a demonstration here.



Can I continue to use my current multichannel software while onboarding with StoreFeeder?

Yes, StoreFeeder can be set up as you continue to use yourcurrent provider without interruption and then switched over to once the onboarding process is complete. If you are using a system such as Linnworks, Veeqo, Volo or Cloud Commerce Pro, you can continue to use the system whilst you are setting up or on-boarding with StorFeeder.

When we have the primary product and listing information along with stock levels in the StoreFeeder platform, we can turn on order import which then keeps stock levels up-to-date. You can then run that system whilst we set you up on StoreFeeder. Once set up we can update all product, listing and stock data and switch you to a live StoreFeeder account.

How do I manage my listings?

StoreFeeder has full integrations to many web stores and marketplaces. You can see a complete list of those integrations here. StoreFeeder is a product-led platform. This means that all the features and functions run from the information and details you have assigned to your products.

Simply go to the products page and select a product. In the margin on each product page, there is a listing tab. You can also select the web property you wish to list in that tab. This will open a listing template. Add any missing details or sales information that you think is valid to the template, hit the list button and the process is done. Your product has been listed.

Do I have the same onboarding person throughout my system set-up?

Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, you will have the same onboarding tech throughout the onboarding process. We believe that our customers are partners, and we accompany them on their eCommerce journey. It is, therefore, paramount that you have the same person throughout onboarding, as they will very quickly understand the nuances of your business and the fine details that your business needs to get the best out of the platform.

There will be occasions when you will deal with other onboarding team members. These include times when your onboarding tech maybe on annual leave, experience sickness or perhaps leave the business (this is rare. The average time served among our onboarding team is 6.2 years).

Your onboarding tech will get to know your business, they’ll get to know you, and what’s more, once you go live, you will still have full access to your onboarding tech for another two weeks. We call this early life support. But it doesn’t end there; once you leave early life-support, you are handed over to our first-class support team.

Can I use my data from Linnworks for setting up StoreFeeder?

Suppose you are looking for an alternative to Linnworks but are concerned about the hassle of moving over to another system. There is no need to worry. We have a simple way to utilise your data, enabling you to move onto the feature-rich, robust StoreFeeder platform.  

This method involves importing your listings from your sales channels. Using the channel with the complete list of your products will enable you to import the listings and create products from those listings. You can then export data from, Linnworks and add that to the product data from the channel to create the most complete data set possible. It is that simple.

How long does it take to onboard?

That is an excellent question to which the answer can vary quite significantly. The time it takes to onboard depends on how much data needs to be put into the system and how clean that data is. If all product and listing numbers match and your product data is kept orderly, onboarding can be very swift.

However, we always issued a guideline of 6 to 12 weeks to complete onboarding. We have onboarded businesses much quicker, and some have taken longer. As stated above, it all depends upon the amount and quality of data that needs to be inputted into the system

Does StoreFeeder provide complete onboarding for free?

Yes. StoreFeeder is a complete multichannel management system. StoreFeeder will manage and process your orders from all integrated channels. StoreFeeder includes a complete warehouse management system and many courier integrations. There is a lot to this platform; we, therefore, do not expect anyone just to start using it. Much set-up is required, including data input too. To get the best from StoreFeeder, it needs to be set up well, and weave a dedicated team here to help you do that.

Onboarding is free, but all subscribers begin paying their subscription from sign-up.



My annual turnover is less than £1,000,000 or more than £10,000,000 – how do I find out how much StoreFeeder will cost?

If you have a turnover of more than £10m, then you may benefit from a custom solution.
Please call us on 0115 784 2150 and we can talk about a solution tailored to your business to work on your next phase of growth.
If your turnover is less than £1,000,000 then it’s likely our entry-level at £350 per month would still benefit you. Get in touch with our team to have a demonstration of the software and we can chat honestly about the cost-benefit for your business.

Does StoreFeeder charge commission on sales?

No. Unlike some other platforms, we never charge commission on sales.

Does the cost of StoreFeeder change if I use more or less of the features and integrations?

No. The cost of StoreFeeder is not dependent on the number of integrations you’re using or your preferred features. Our complete eCommerce management software is designed to scale seamlessly with your business. Want to add a new courier or start selling on Amazon? – No problem! StoreFeeder is ready to integrate with more platforms and courier services when you are.

How much does StoreFeeder cost?

The cost of StoreFeeder to your business is determined by your annual turnover. As just one example, if your annual turnover is up to £1,000,000 then the cost of StoreFeeder will be £350 per month. Of course, each and every eCommerce business is different, so please get in touch with a member of our team if you have any questions about pricing or integrations.

Does the StoreFeeder warehouse management system cost extra?

No. StoreFeeder is a complete eCommerce management software; for that purpose, we believe that a warehouse management system (WMS) is part of eCommerce management and will always be included within StoreFeeder. Our WMS has been designed from within a warehouse environment; you can therefore be assured that it works in real-world situations.

We come from a third-party logistics background; StoreFeeder was born in that environment and designed to enable you to run your warehouse efficiently and effectively. The features within our WMS are in place to automate the mundane tasks that take time. Those tasks, if not performed well, cost the business money. We are in the business of saving you money.

The StoreFeeder WMS is comprehensive enough that many of our customers view it as a team member. When we speak to customers, it is clear that our WMS is the single most effective game changer in the StoreFeeder multichannel management system. It does not cost extra; if it did StoreFeeder wouldn’t be the end-to-end solution we say it is.

How much do I pay for my Royal Mail, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce integrations?

Nothing, Royal Mail, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and many other integrations are part of your package and are why you pay a subscription fee. We are continually adding new integrations to all aspects of StoreFeeder. There is a complete list here.

Coming soon to marketplaces is ManoMano, The Range and B&Q. All of these integrations are developed within StoreFeeder. We do not use third-party apps or extensions. There is never an additional charge for these integrations; they are all included in your monthly subscription fee.

How fixed is my monthly subscription?

It is fixed. We never charge extras for downloading orders, listings, or products. Our pricing Is transparent; you can see it here ( If your turnover consistently exceeds the plan you signed up too, we will upgrade you. You will be given suitable notice. Your subscription will always be a fixed fee with no chargeable extras.

We do not believe in charging extra for orders downloaded, listing, the number of products you have etc. Part of our ethos is that we enable you to grow your business. If growing your business means adding more products and listing more items for sale, we are all for that and will not charge you more. That does not make sense to us, it is effectively akin to taxing your growth plan, and that is not what we are about.

StoreFeeder prides itself on the growth that our subscribers experience.

How much will I pay if I exceed my subscription limit?

You will not pay anything extra if your subscription limit is exceeded. We understand that eCommerce has peaks and troughs. Our pricing is based on turnover. You will only be upgraded if your turnover rises and is consistently above the turnover you achieved when you signed up.

Throughout your time with StoreFeeder, you will have contact with our team, and we will work with you to ensure that you are getting the best from your account and that StoreFeeder is serving your business in the best manner for growth. When your business has grown significantly enough to warrant an upgrade in your package, we’ll be in touch, and you will receive notice.

Why do I pay a subscription fee whilst onboarding?

StoreFeeder is a vast multi-channel software platform covering order processing, warehouse, and shipping management. Therefore, new subscribers must be fully onboarded to get the best from the platform. We help each new subscriber input the cleanest data available concerning their products and listings. We give a personal touch and do this for every customer.

Therefore, as you understand, we must ensure the onboarding process is continuously moving to allow new customers to come on board. Back when we first started, subscriptions started from go live. However, we quickly had a problem. Many onboarding customers got very busy within their businesses, so onboarding went on the back burner. This creates a problem for us as we cannot onboard new customers. We found the solution was to charge subscriptions from sign-up, as customers tend to value what they are paying for and commit to completing onboarding as soon as possible.

Overall, being fully onboarded onto StoreFeeder empowers your eCommerce business to thrive in the digital marketplace, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth and success in the long term.

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