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StoreFeeder began, like all great inventions, through necessity. Our founder, Brian Williamson and our operations manager Ian Dade, worked for a third-party logistics company. The company’s owner rightly thought there must be a software solution to operational problems within the business’s warehousing, stock management and despatch elements. Brian was tasked with developing a solution enabling stock management and reducing picking and despatch errors.


After much hard work and probably a few mugs of tea, assisted by Ian’s knowledge of warehouses, Brian created intuitive software that worked well within a busy warehouse environment: StoreFeeder was born.

With the evolution of APIs for marketplaces and couriers, it was an inevitable next step for the team to begin integrating StoreFeeder into the most popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and couriers such as Royal Mail and DPD.

Regarding Royal Mail, StoreFeeder won the tender to design and build Royal Mail’s Click & Drop platform. Again we delivered, meaning that Royal Mail saw StoreFeeder as an integral part of the operation and bought the company. As of 2015 StoreFeeder became part of the Royal Mail group.

Throughout the time that we have been operating, we have seen customers revenue grow by an average of 31% within the first 18 months of coming on board. Our mission is to help businesses like yours grow to their full potential.

StoreFeeder’s ethos is to give merchants the tools to work on the business, not in the business. A stable, high-performing platform with an eye on efficiency, StoreFeeder now has hundreds of users. We listen to them. Those customers help us to keep improving StoreFeeder, and as we started in the business of fulfilling orders, our users know that we understand them and their needs. To that end, we have always seen our customers as partners. That is StoreFeeder.

Our core features include:


Warehouse management


Order management


Inventory management


Listing management


Shipping management


Drop shipping

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