The Power of UK Marketplaces: Opportunities for Your Retail Business

August 3, 2023


StoreFeeder is a multichannel management software platform. In the simplest terms, we help businesses manage their eCommerce stores and enable them to expand across online marketplaces. We make managing those sales channels easy.

We are constantly surprised at how many retail businesses still rely on their web store for online revenue. So many businesses have not embraced marketplaces yet.

If you are a retail business, online marketplaces hold immense potential for expanding your reach and driving growth. Embracing these platforms can open new avenues for connecting with customers, increasing sales, and enhancing your brand presence. This blog will explore some popular UK marketplaces and their unique benefits for your business, empowering you to make informed decisions and tap into their opportunities.

Amazon: The eCommerce Giant  

Amazon is a behemoth in the eCommerce industry, boasting a vast customer base and a diverse range of products. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you can tap into Amazon's massive audience actively searching for goods that you are selling. Amazon Prime membership provides added incentives for customers, making it an attractive platform for quick and convenient purchases. Additionally, leveraging Amazon's FBA service can streamline logistics, ensuring efficient order fulfilment.

StoreFeeder has been integrating with Amazon for many years now; this is one marketplace that when utilising a multichannel management system, is easily accessible and will generate revenue.

eBay: The Versatile Marketplace

eBay's auction-style and fixed-price listings present flexible selling options, catering to a diverse customer base. eCommerce businesses can benefit from eBay's established reputation and reach a broad audience seeking budget-friendly and second-hand items. In recent years some of the world's biggest brands have established stores on eBay, those stores are now the keystone of bargain/designer outlets online. Selling on eBay enables you to set your prices and create engaging listings to attract potential buyers.

Our excellent eBay integration enables retail businesses to integrate with eBay marketplaces worldwide—taking your business global.

Etsy: Showcasing Uniqueness  

If your products have a unique or handmade aspect, Etsy offers a specialised platform for goods with a touch of creativity. Its community-centric approach fosters a loyal customer base looking for one-of-a-kind products. Engaging with this platform can help you build strong customer relationships and showcase your brand's authenticity.

Some of our customers with very high growth rates are doing this through artisan and quirky marketplaces like Etsy. These are unique and exciting places that give niche products a great platform.

OnBuy: A Rising Star  

OnBuy is a UK-based marketplace focusing on competitive seller fees and transparent pricing. As a growing platform, it presents an opportunity for your retail business to expand its reach and attract a broader customer base. OnBuy's commitment to fairness and inclusivity can resonate well with sellers and buyers.

We like OnBuy and have blogged about them recently.

ManoMano: Home Improvement Experts  

Catering specifically to DIY, home improvement, and gardening products, ManoMano is the ideal marketplace for showcasing your DIY and household goods. Its niche audience ensures targeted product visibility and enhances your chances of attracting interested buyers.

Our ManoMano integration is currently in beta and will be part of the standard integrations on StoreFeeder very soon.

The Range: The Disruptor

The Range is a famous UK-based retail chain that offers a wide range of products across various categories. Founded in 1989 by Chris Dawson, The Range started as a simple DIY store in Plymouth, England. Much to the annoyance of Wilkinson’s, since inception, the Range has expanded its offerings to include home and garden furniture, homewares, kitchen essentials, arts and crafts supplies, toys, and much more.

The company's mission is to provide customers with an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience, offering quality products at competitive prices. The Range continues to expand its product range and store locations, aiming to serve a broader customer base and meet the evolving needs of UK shoppers. They have now taken this online and have launched a marketplace; the goodwill of the high streets' great disruptor is now available to you as a retailer to expand your online business.
Our integration into the Range is currently in customer testing and will be launched soon.


As a UK retail business, embracing online marketplaces is a strategic move to unlock new growth opportunities. By diversifying your presence across platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, OnBuy, ManoMano and the range, you can connect with diverse customer segments and elevate your brand's visibility. Remember that each marketplace has its strengths and unique target audience, so conduct thorough research and tailor your strategies to maximise success. With the right approach, these marketplaces can become invaluable tools for driving your eCommerce business to new heights.

To start selling on all these platforms is much simpler than you may think. If you want to see how StoreFeeder can help with this, contact us here.

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August 3, 2023

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