Efficient & accurate despatch

An accurate and efficient packing process is key to getting the correct items to the customers, saving you time and money in reships and helps maintain your high feedback ratings. Our warehouse management system offers multiple benefits by ensuring efficient and accurate despatch.

Efficient & accurate despatch

Save your business time and money

  • Customers receive the correct items, every time
    Ensuring customers receive the right items is crucial. It may seem obvious, but it is the ultimate goal. Our despatch processes help you to achieve this, by offering you an efficient order despatch process and reliable shipping management.
  • Less returns due to mis-picks
    Reducing returns caused by incorrect item selection leads to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. When customers receive the products they ordered, there are fewer instances of returns due to mis-picks. This translates to reduced labour and time spent on processing returns.
  • Reduced costs within your operation
    Sending out the wrong item and subsequently dealing with its return can be a costly and time-consuming process for businesses. By ensuring that every order is sent out correctly, you eliminate unnecessary expenses. There is no need to collect the incorrect item or pay for its return, process a new order, go through the picking and despatching process again, use additional packaging, or incur additional shipping charges for sending out the correct item. All of these factors contribute to significant cost savings for your business.
  • Reduce despatch time
    By utilising our pre-generate function, you can generate shipping labels for orders in advance, which facilitates faster label printing at the despatch bench. This approach ensures that the courier label is printed only when the order is ready for dispatch, leading to a streamlined and expedited process. Implementing this method can save valuable seconds per order at the packing bench, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Reduce decision making and user actions

  • Automatically have the correct shipping method on orders
    No more decision making on which shipping method to use. On order import, our intelligent shipping rules engine takes key data from the order and runs it through your shipping rule settings. These smart settings automatically allocate the correct carrier and service, reducing manual effort and decision making by despatch staff.
  • No more despatch errors
    Product led despatch is our most accurate method of despatch. This accuracy ensures the packer does not have to make any decisions. They simply scan what they are instructed to on the screen and the order will despatch.
Efficient & accurate despatch

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