End reliance on staff knowledge

Our system gives you back control of knowledge, meaning less reliance on your team. With our warehouse management system, you can see exactly what is happening, when and where.

End reliance on staff knowledge

Key reliance on certain staff means you can’t grow your business

  • No more secrecy around your inventory
    In traditional warehouse setups, information about inventory can be guarded by some staff as holding this information back gives them power and a false sense of invincibility.  “Dave knows where it is”, or “Sally, how many of these do we have in stock?” are questions that should not be heard in a modern warehouse. Our warehouse management system gives everyone access to detailed stock information, ending your reliance on Dave or Sally.
  • Eliminate single points of failure
    Relying on key personnel like Dave or Sally for critical information creates a single point of failure. When they're absent or leave, it poses risks for the business. Implementing a warehouse management system equips all team members with the necessary tools and expertise, ensuring the business keeps running and reducing the risk of a single point of failure for busy eCommerce operations.
  • New staff are useful quickly with our “5-minute” rule
    At StoreFeeder, we have a saying, “the 5-minute rule”. If your warehouse is set up correctly, using our inventory management tools, new staff will be able to come in, pick, pack and despatch orders within 5 minutes, making the productive, quickly. Location led picking removes the need for detailed product knowledge, so new staff just go to the location as directed, validate the pick using a barcode scan, and pick the quantity needed.
  • Remove knowledge blocks and upscale at any time
    The "5-minute rule" makes onboarding new warehouse staff easy. They just follow on-screen instructions for fundamental warehouse tasks like picking, transfers, and goods in. StoreFeeder's intuitive warehouse management system helps your business ensure that new, or temporary, staff become effective and useful quickly during peak times, without the need for extensive training.
End reliance on staff knowledge

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