Mastering Multichannel Selling: Strategies for Success with StoreFeeder

November 30, 2023


eCommerce is a massive landscape, and every eCommerce business needs every advantage. Mastering the art of multichannel selling has become the key to unlocking unprecedented growth. For businesses leveraging the robust capabilities of StoreFeeder, the journey towards multichannel success is not just a possibility but a strategic advantage.

The Multichannel Advantage:

Multichannel selling is more than just expanding your reach; it's about meeting customers where they are. With StoreFeeder, the power to seamlessly manage multiple channels — from industry giants like Amazon and eBay to your web store — lies at your fingertips. But, with such power comes great responsibility; how do you best use a tool like StoreFeeder to your advantage and ensure that your business sees incredible growth to return on your investment?

1. Unified Control with StoreFeeder:

StoreFeeder provides a centralised hub where you can manage, process, and edit all orders from a single, intuitive interface. No more toggling between platforms; it's about streamlined efficiency and control.

You can move on from logging into multiple platforms to download your orders. Your orders will appear in your orders dashboard almost as they happen—one dashboard for all orders from marketplaces and websites.

2. Picking, Packing, and Despatch Made Easy:

The features of StoreFeeder extend to your warehouse operations. Efficient picking is crucial, and StoreFeeder's intelligent routing ensures that your picking staff takes the most efficient route. The mobile app, designed to work with a PDA or mobile phone, achieves accurate and paperless picking. The app also enables you to despatch orders, book in stock, and transfer inventory- which become seamless actions with just a barcode scan.

3. Inventory Control Across All Channels:

Overselling is the bane of multichannel selling. This is one of the reasons some businesses will put off selling on multiple channels. StoreFeeder empowers businesses to control and edit stock levels across all channels. As the stock is sold, no matter what channel, the stock levels are updated in StoreFeeder and those numbers are adjusted across all channels. This reduces the risk of overselling and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate stock information.

4. Master your Listings:

Listing products across multiple marketplaces is often a time-consuming task. With StoreFeeder, users can list and edit products swiftly across various platforms. This feature not only saves time but also allows for dynamic adjustments based on the performance of products on each channel.
Remember, all time saved is money added to your bottom line. It all comes down to that return on investment we mentioned.

5. Warehouse Management System (WMS) Unleashed:

The engine of your eCommerce vehicle lies in the warehouse, and StoreFeeder's WMS is a game-changer. Experience efficient routing, paperless picking, and seamless order despatch. It's not just about managing inventory; it's about transforming your warehouse into a strategic asset.

The StoreFeeder WMS can be used unilaterally to manage a warehouse, regardless of size. We have blogged about this before. StoreFeeder came out of warehousing, and we are very proud of this part of the solution. It has been designed and built by people who worked in warehousing and real-world operations, making it a valuable solution.


In the multiverse of eCommerce, mastering multichannel selling is not a luxury; it's a necessity for sustained growth. With StoreFeeder as your ally, the journey becomes manageable and enjoyable. From unified control to efficient warehouse management, every feature is a step towards mastering the complexities of the eCommerce ecosystem. Embrace the multichannel advantage and let StoreFeeder be your guide in this exciting journey.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with your growth journey. Thanks for reading this week's blog; we’ll publish another next week.

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November 30, 2023

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