We can handle your growth

Our system is trusted by hundreds of eCommerce businesses. From a handful of orders per day to thousands, our system can handle every size of operation with ease. A warehouse management system (WMS) is the key to meeting your goals for business growth. With it, you can increase productivity and efficiency, meet supply chain demands, improve inventory management, lower costs, and gain invaluable insights into how your warehouse operates. Best of all, it reduces overall complexity by streamlining processes across multiple channels.

We can handle your growth

How we can help grow your business

  • Scalable solution
    With its flexible design, our warehouse management system (WMS) seamlessly accommodates evolving business needs, whether it's expanding warehouse locations, introducing new products, or handling higher order volumes, our robust system gives you the tool to scale your operations and seize new opportunities, while effectively managing increased warehouse complexity.
  • Change your focus
    Our inventory management system prioritises efficiency and accuracy, meaning you gain valuable time to concentrate on business growth. Our customer base has experienced an average revenue increase of 109% in the past 24 months and a staggering 267% increase from the first year with our system to the last 12 months.
  • Multiple process options
    In the early stages or with a small team, individually picking orders is efficient. However, as daily orders increase, this method becomes inefficient. Repeatedly visiting the same location for each order wastes time and effort. Optimal efficiency is achieved by grouping orders into pickwaves, enabling a single visit to gather all required products. StoreFeeder’s warehouse management system offers numerous options to suit every operation.
  • Data insights
    StoreFeeder serves as your product data hub, providing comprehensive information for informed and accurate decision-making. Comprehensive inventory management allows you to monitor sales levels and stock movement to anticipate customer demands, ensuring optimal inventory levels to meet demand efficiently. Stay ahead by leveraging valuable insights from StoreFeeder.
  • Enhanced customer support and satisfaction
    Precise order management enhances customer satisfaction and minimises returns. As your business expands, customer inquiries increase and StoreFeeder empowers you with comprehensive data, within the warehouse management system, to address their questions; including live stock information, real-time order statuses, courier tracking numbers, and more, readily accessible at your fingertips.
We can handle your growth

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