Automate manual processes

Let StoreFeeder take control of your inventory and shipping management. Our warehouse management system manages inventory and shipping updates across all your integrated marketplaces and eCommerce webstores. Our behind-the-scenes processes save you significant time to help make your day more productive

Automate manual processes

Get back time using our automated processes

  • Eliminate multiple account logins
    All your sales channels are integrated into StoreFeeder, giving you one central portal to control everything. Our warehouse management system (WMS) links with all the major eCommerce webstores and marketplaces, so you just need to be logged into one system, StoreFeeder. Our central system then controls all the daily tasks that you used to do manually, meaning you can access all the information you need from one simple portal.
  • Automated order imports
    No more logging into each sales channel to download orders, with all channels integrated orders simply flow into the system for processing by your warehouse team. Say goodbye to manual imports and spreadsheets, simply connect once and watch your orders stream in automatically.
  • Automatic stock allocation
    As orders import, stock from your inventory is allocated to the order straight away, therefore accurately reflecting the sale in your product inventory. This process reduces the “available” inventory that you have and means our inventory management system knows exactly what you have left for sale so we can update your sales channels.
  • Maximise stock availability on all channels
    Inventory levels change all the time due to deliveries, orders, and returns. To ensure you are selling what stock you have, it is important to reflect all inventory changes quickly to maintain accurate available stock levels on all sales channels. Keeping up with this via spreadsheets or multiple logins is time consuming and chaotic, especially if your sales are high, so StoreFeeder's inventory management system takes this task away from you and saves you time. Because we have a centralised inventory level, our automatic synchronisation ensures all channels have up-to-date and accurate stock information taking the stress out of keeping your inventory accurate.
  • Print carrier labels in seconds
    StoreFeeder's shipping management software integrates with all the major couriers, enabling instant label printing upon order despatch. Say goodbye to manual data entry, simply despatch the order and the label will automatically print. This streamlined process saves time and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your despatch operations.
  • Automated despatch updates
    Manually updating order statuses on your sales channels poses risks and delays, especially with strict deadlines from eCommerce marketplaces. StoreFeeder's warehouse management system automates this process by seamlessly integrating with your channels. Once an order is despatched and the shipping label printed, the order on the system is promptly updated with the tracking number and marked as shipped. This information is then relayed to the channel to ensure compliance with shipping metrics.
Automate manual processes

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