Sales and Partnerships: IRX 2023

May 25, 2023

With the tedious inevitability of an unloved season, exhibition season is upon us again. In April or May each year, the StoreFeeder commandoes pack their wagon and roll down to the NEC Birmingham to attend the Internet Retailing Expo (IRX). Events like these allow us to meet new customers, current customers, and like-minded businesses with whom we can partner to help our customers find best-in-class solutions to help grow their eCommerce businesses.  

The pandemic has not been kind to the exhibition market. The thought of thousands of people shaking hands and being close to people from all over the country and Europe has been terrifying for many. Slowly but surely, however, the exhibition scene has come back to life. IRX, although not the size it once was, has been a rewarding experience and a brilliant opportunity to meet some of the brightest companies in eCommerce.

Most company’s objective for attending these events is to generate new business. We will do our fair share of that, no doubt. But this year, we had another objective: to get out and meet businesses offering best-in-class solutions to let our customers know what is out there and how these innovative solutions can help them grow their revenue streams.  

We will be working with a lot of these companies in the future; we are hoping that they’ll guest blog on the StoreFeeder website and share insights that will help you understand the eCommerce landscape and enable you to get somefresh new strategies for growing sales and expanding your business.

To that end, we would like to thank the following companies we have had the pleasure of talking to and are looking forward to working within the future.

First up, we have the Leeds legends Bidnamic. These guys areat the vanguard of Google shopping optimisation. Our friends in Portsmouth Lead Forensics have a platform so innovative that it probably has its own degree. From the great city of Manchester, we would like to thank Kasim and the team at MY TEAMZ – these guys are taking eCommerce management to the next level.  

It has been my pleasure to meet Richard Hill, the founder of eComone, neighbours who reside just down the A46 and are turbocharging sales as the Midland’s premium eCommerce growth engine. It has been a long time coming,but we finally got to sit down with Richard Mellis at Spotler. We are looking forward to seeing that platform and how it can help eCommerce businesses.

As stated above, these shows reach far and wide. It was apleasure to meet Sean Owens from Granite in Dublin. We must give a big shout to Sales Fire, who have been smashing eCommerce overlays and upselling for yearsand seeing how they convert sales for e-retailers is something to behold.

Team StoreFeeder Live at the NEC 23

We believe these shows can be much more than a push for new business. That’s the primary. But creating networks and working with complementary businesses can benefit our and our customer’s businesses. We are going to be doing more networking and more partnerships going forward, and IRX has been an excellent kick-off for this process.

Keep an eye on the blog, as we hope to see guest posts from some of the people above. For now though, we’ll say farewell to IRX 2023, and as usual, the blog will return next week.


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May 25, 2023

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