Royal Mail integration

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Despatch orders across each of your channels with Royal Mail.

With deliveries every day of the week, you can always rely on Royal Mail to get your orders to their destination in good time.

Our integration allows you to not only despatch using a huge range of Royal Mail services but it also allows you to cancel consignments without even having to leave our web application. If a mistake is made, it’s no drama.

With more feet on the ground than any other carrier, RoyalMail are able to boast that their posties can deliver to every UK address every single day. For so long they have been one of the most trusted couriers in the UK but, of course, it isn’t just the UK that they deliver to. They use the local posties in over 230 countries and territories to provide global reach to their postal capabilities. With this in mind, and their recent achievement of being the UK’s most environmentally friendly delivery partner, it’s no wonder that they are the first choice courier for a lot of businesses out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Royal Mail integration on eBay?


Yes, you can purchase labels from a handful of couriers including Royal Mail through the eBay Label Service.

You can also use applications such as StoreFeeder that allow you to collect all your orders across multiple channels in one place, and generate labels for them using a multitude of couriers all in one go. This saves you both time and money in the long run!

What can you not post through Royal Mail?


You can find an extensive list of prohibited items by visiting Royal Mail's user guidelines here. The article you are looking for is titled “Prohibited and Restricted Items” and it can be found under the “Other Useful Guidelines” subsection.

Can I integrate Royal Mail with my Shopify account?


Whilst it's not currently possible to purchase and print Royal Mail labels through Shopify Shipping currently, it's certainly possible to import your orders into other software that will allow you to do so.

StoreFeeder is one of them, and as part of your subscription to our platform you can integrate all of your courier labels into one hub. To top it off, you don't pay extra or per integration.

Can you live chat with Royal Mail?


You most certainly can! You can live chat with them following this link here. Though you can always access a huge bank of help articles on their website 24/7, their live chat service is active from 08:00 to 18:00.

What happens if my customer misses their Royal Mail delivery?


Good news! Royal Mail has an Automatic Redelivery feature in place. If the recipient isn't home and the parcels won't fit through their letter box, or they need a signature, posties will automatically be told to deliver the next working day. They'll also leave a red 'something for you' card to notify the recipient of this.