Achieving accurate picking: Using multichannel software to save time and money in your warehouse.

July 6, 2023



Accuracy and efficiency in order fulfilment can make or break your business. If you are running an eCommerce business, every incorrect item picked, every misplaced package, and every shipping error can result in dissatisfied customers, costly returns, and ultimately damage to your reputation.


That's why prioritising picking accuracy in your warehouse operations is crucial. Not only does it enhance customer satisfaction, but it also directly translates into significant time and cost savings for your business. This blog post will explore how an excellent multichannel software solution incorporating a feature-rich warehouse management system will increase picking accuracy and be a game-changer for your eCommerce business.


Making customers happy and building loyalty:


We always go on about this, but providing an exceptional customer experience is paramount in today's eCommerce landscape. Accurate picking ensures that customers receive the correct products in their orders, eliminating the frustration and disappointment of receiving incorrect items. According to a study by Narvar, 68% of customers are unlikely to shop again with a retailer after a negative service experience. You can foster customer loyalty, positive reviews, and repeat business by focusing on accuracy.  Here is a five-step path to increasing revenue by getting your warehouse organised and your picking accurate:


1)         Reducing returns and associated costs:


Returns can drain your resources, leading to increased costs and decreased profitability. According to research by Invesp, the average return rate for eCommerce purchases is around 30%, and inaccurate order fulfilment is one of the primary reasons for returns. By improving picking accuracy, you can significantly reduce the returns caused by shipping incorrect items. This directly translates into cost savings associated with processing returns, restocking inventory, and potential damage to returned goods.


2)         Minimising order replacements and lost sales opportunities:


When a picking error occurs, it not only results in the inconvenience of processing a return but also delays the customer from receiving the correct item promptly. This delay may prompt customers to seek alternative sources for their desired products, potentially leading to lost sales opportunities. By striving for picking accuracy, you can minimise the need for order replacements and ensure customers receive their orders on time, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Let us not get started on the reviews. You can please customers time and time again. One mistake, though, and that is a one-star review coming your way.


3)      Streamlining warehouse management operations:


Wrong picking often leads to inefficiencies and time wastage in the warehouse. Employees may spend additional time locating misplaced items, rectifying picking errors, and processing returns, diverting their attention from more productive tasks. A study by Multichannel Merchant found that companies with high order accuracy experienced 20% higher productivity levels. By focusing on accuracy, you can streamline your warehouse operations, reduce labour costs, and increase overall efficiency.


4)         Enhancing Inventory management:


Accurate picking has a direct impact on inventory management. When items are consistently picked accurately, inventory records remain up-to-date and reliable. This helps prevent overselling, stockouts, and overstocking situations. Efficient inventory management reduces carrying costs, avoids lost sales opportunities, and optimises cash flow. All of that saves you money and makes your customers happy, loyal and, best of all, they keep buying from you and recommend you to their friends, family, and associates.  


5)         How do you do it?


So, how does a thriving eCommerce business improve picking accuracy? StoreFeeder was born out of a third-party logistics company. Very early on, the managers of that business realised all the above. As with all great businesses, this company learnt from their mistakes, and it was soon evident that an urgent solution was required to solve these costly challenges. StoreFeeder is a software solution to a physical problem: Warehouse management. Which covers picking, packing and despatch.


Our platform enables super quick, super-efficient pickwave creation. Designed and built by people who work in warehouse management, this platform enables consolidated picking, which means you can pick by order, location, product, tote pick and even pick by courier. From the start of the business day to the end, your team can pick those orders most effectively to aid your business demands.


Our warehouse management system has been a game changer for many businesses, and you can read their stories here. Getting your warehouse in order and consistent, accurate picking will save your business a fortune, and the efficient service you'll provide will make your customers happy.


Improving picking accuracy with a warehouse management system like StoreFeeder, is a strategic investment that substantially benefits your eCommerce business.

Use the power of accurate picking and a well-organised warehouse to propel your eCommerce business towards sustainable growth and success. By impressing customers, reducing returns, minimising lost sales opportunities, streamlining operations, and enhancing inventory management, you can save valuable time and money while building a reputation for excellence. Take a look at StoreFeeder by booking your free demonstration here.


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July 6, 2023

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