Key Features

Intuitive User Interface

The StoreFeeder WMS PDA app provides a unique, intuitive user interface for warehouse employees. Our PDA system removes the need for paper in the warehouse and provides a functional tool to enable your warehouse teams to simplify their tasks and boost their performance. The system is simple to use and provides everything you need to remotely manage your warehouse.

Paper-Free Picking And Packing

StoreFeeder offers paper-free picking with scan confirmation so that you can be sure the correct products are being picked. This reduces the chance of errors between order placement and delivery. The system provides improved pick speeds and accuracy with intelligent picking routes and enables you to monitor picker performance with recorded pick times. You can utilise the app to pick with or without barcodes.

Simple Goods In Process

Our PDA system is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Simply scan a product to open active purchase orders or create an ad-hoc purchase order, scan stock in and add a stock quantity. Locate empty pick bins and allocate products. The system also enables you to transfer stock and perform stock takes quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Inventory Updates

The StoreFeeder warehouse management system is synchronised directly to our PDA app. This means that as stock is booked in via the app and items are picked, your inventory is updated on the main StoreFeeder UI instantly. That information is then fed out across channels, helping you to use your total available stock across all of your marketplaces and web stores.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning allows for a simplified process, from goods in, through to picking and despatch. Barcodes can be applied to products, locations, shipments and returns to lower the risk of human error and to increase efficiency. With returns a costly part of running any ecommerce business, using PDA integration with your ordering and delivery systems almost eliminates the risk of returns due to picking errors.

Regular Inventory Review

StoreFeeder makes reviewing inventory a quick and simple process. You can access an item using the PDA app and will see its locations, inventory amount and there will be a visual reference. You can also perform stock checks and book in goods to picking locations, a bulk location or a quarantine location. This is particularly important for businesses that have changed their processes due to COVID-19 or those that import and export goods. 

Frequently Asked Questions