Etsy Integration

Managing every aspect of your eCommerce business can be challenging – especially if you operate across multiple platforms simultaneously. Etsy is a very popular online marketplace with a growing user base, making it an obvious choice for businesses looking to operate across multiple channels. However, many online retailers have concerns about balancing order management, inventory, pricing and delivery across multiple platforms at the same time. StoreFeeder is a multi-channel eCommerce platform that makes seamless integration between your eCommerce website and Etsy shop, simple, meaning that you can grow your business without increasing your workload.    

Benefits of StoreFeeder’s Etsy integration:

  • Manage inventory levels and orders across your website and Etsy store from one dashboard
  • Save time by updating product information and pricing across multiple platforms from one place, eliminating the need to repeat tasks across channels
  • Grow your businesses quickly and efficiently without having to spend time on tedious, repetitive tasks
  • Simplify your shipping process by integration with one or multiple couriers, meaning you and you warehouse team can keep track of orders easily
  • Remove discontinued products across all channels to improve your stores’ user experience and maximise space for new product listings.

Etsy & Shopify integration

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the UK and across the world, meaning there is much demand for integration with Etsy. StoreFeeder is compatible with every Shopify plan from Basic to Plus, meaning you can benefit from seamless integration no matter which version you use and can continue to do so as you scale up your business.


Etsy & Amazon Integration

Many eCommerce businesses wish to sell on multiple marketplaces at the same time, but are put off by the extra work and complications this entails. StoreFeeder offers both Etsy and Amazon integration, meaning you can reach multiple markets without the extra hassle.


BigCommerce & Etsy Integration

BigCommerce is an open SaaS eCommerce platform which is popular among established and rapidly-growing businesses, meaning that many BigCommerce users are either already operating a multi-channel approach or plan to implement one in the near future.  

Currently, you can’t integrate your BigCommerce website with an Etsy store without a connector app, meaning that, if you want to avoid additional labour on time consuming tasks, you’ll need a reliable software solution that takes care of every aspect of online selling – this is what StoreFeeder provides.


Magento & Etsy integration

Magento users tend to be larger scale businesses looking for freedom when it comes to customising their eCommerce website. StoreFeeder allows you to run your business your way by integrating all of your platforms with ease.

Free Etsy Integration Demo

Interested to learn more about how our software can help to integrate with Etsy? Experience the ease and convenience for yourself by booking a free demo to find out exactly how the software works and how simple it is to use.

Frequently asked questions

How do I integrate my website with Etsy?

StoreFeeder is an innovative piece of software that pulls all of your eCommerce into one user-friendly space. If you require assistance getting all of your platforms running seamlessly together, contact us to speak with one of our experts who will be able to answer any questions you have.

Which eCommerce platforms can integrate with Etsy?

StoreFeeder is compatible with a wide range of platforms, from Amazon to WooCommerce. For a full list of integrable platforms, see our Integrations page.

What else can StoreFeeder do?

StoreFeeder does much more than simply integrate your website with Etsy. You can also keep track of inventory, manage orders and integrate your payment gateways and courier services. StoreFeeder offers all of the integrations you need to ensure your eCommerce business runs smoothly.