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March 3, 2022

StoreFeeder was initially designed to manage warehouse stock. Fact. And one of the reasons it’s as good as it is at managing your warehouse is because it was built by people who worked in a warehouse. The whole solution was born to manage stock going in and out of a busy fulfilment warehouse. Intended initially to solve logistical problems within that business, the software that became StoreFeeder was so good at managing stock it became the product it is today. And hundreds of eCommerce businesses are now using StoreFeeder to manage their listings, orders, courier integrations, despatch, and of course, the inventory and warehouse.

We are always looking to improve the system and deliver a feature-rich, premium platform with excellent customer service. And as warehousing is very close to our hearts, it was inevitable that that part of StoreFeeder would go mobile.

Four years ago, we launched version 1.0 of the StoreFeeder App, and It is now on version 1.65, and we believe that for growing eCommerce businesses, this particular element of the software is a game-changer.
Using the StoreFeeder app enables you to do more and manage your warehouse from the palm of your hand.

Like picking with multi-level verification and immediate product lookups, the benefits include faster, more accurate picking and packing. Substantially fewer pick errors, and you can move stock and register that movement live. Knowing how much stock you have and where it is, is essential for any business. The StoreFeeder app allows you to instantly search for products by their SKU number or barcode, name or stock location. The benefit is that you can review and update stock live from the warehouse floor.

You can also run a system led or manual stocktake of products, book in deliveries, and validate them against a purchase order. As we have said, warehousing is very close to our hearts; operations and development work together here to ensure that StoreFeeder and the app work for you in real-world situations. The people who have built this platform and the app have worked in a busy order fulfilment warehouse. We understand the pressures you have to deal with, and our products are designed to alleviate those pressures.

At StoreFeeder, we are proud of our five-minute rule. This means that new members of your team, once they have been orientated to the layout of your warehouse, should be able to accurately complete a pick wave within five minutes of training. The ethos of the app is accuracy and speed. You know that time is money, and the growth of your business depends on the number of orders you can get out of the door in the least amount of time. We strive to make that process as efficient as possible.

What’s more, you do not need a PDA (it works a treat on a PDA) to operate it. If you are testing the waters with this technology, you can use it on your android phone, and very soon, we’ll be announcing the app for iPhone.

If you’re not using the app but are keen to see how it can add value to your StoreFeeder subscription, contact us here, we can chat and see how we can get your warehouse management mobile.

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March 3, 2022

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