Warehouse management

Enhance the productivity of your warehouse with StoreFeeder's fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS). The system knows where your stock is located and uses intelligent routing to offer the most efficient route for your staff. Add to this our Android and iOS based App, which uses a PDA (or compatible device) to reduce paper usage in the warehouse, and use it to accurately pick products and despatch orders, book stock in with ease and move stock around your warehouse with the scan of a barcode.

Find out more by reading our comprehensive guide all about Warehouse Management Software.

Warehouse management

software gives you:

  • Smart Route
    Our intelligent routing system knows the most efficient way of walking around your warehouse. So when you create pickwaves, your picker walks the most efficient route possible, meaning less steps and quicker picking of orders.
  • Smart Stock
    See stock levels and where your stock is in the warehouse at all times with live data. You can see a full audit history of what has happened to your stock, from picked orders to booking in, adjustments and stock transfers.
  • Quarantined locations
    We allow you to segregate stock that is not for sale, but still keep a track of your overall stock levels for items.
  • Smart Book
    Receive goods into your system from your suppliers and put away in locations with ease and efficiency utilising our barcode technology. Simply scan the product, tell us how many and locate it. As soon as it is located, it is ready for sale.
  • Smart Move
    Where products are in more than one location, efficient movement of stock is essential to keep the warehouse flowing. Our system suggests transfers for you and allows you to move stock from location to location within the warehouse with ease, meaning stock is always where it should be.
  • PDA functionality
    Utilising either Android™-based PDA handsets or an Android™ mobile phone, the StoreFeeder App synchronises directly to the main StoreFeeder platform to effortlessly send and receive information about deliveries, stock locations, stock transfers, inventory levels and picking information.

Our warehouse management system also gives you helpful PDA functionality:

  • Traceability of actions
    Using our App to pick items, book stock in, transfer stock, despatch orders or do stock checks, creates a time stamp on every action, so you have full visibility of who did what, and when. Realtime updates provide you with quick and accurate business data.
  • Improved accuracy
    With 4 levels of validation available, our App lets you control your pickers to ensure you are confident they are picking correctly. With validation scans required throughout the picking process, you can be sure that your pickers are picking the right products from the right location. 
  • Go paperless & decrease your environmental impact
    By utilising the App, the need to print our pickwaves, packing lists, transfer sheets and stock level spreadsheets are eliminated. Going paperless in your warehouse can help reduce your carbon footprint and help save our forests.

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