Transporter HQ: Introducing barcode scanning for picking and despatch, enabling a leading supplier of campervan parts and spares to save thousands.

Transporter HQ's story

The issues

THQ Distribution Ltd, are an importer and distributor of campervan parts and accessories to retail and trade customers. They faced significant issues with their eCommerce business. A high level of costly picking errors, especially for large items, was causing the business problems and costing money. Additionally, the company's rapid growth and expansion necessitated the use of multiple stock locations. They did not have a system in place that could solve this problem and enable growth.

The brief

The issue with mis picks needed to be solved, barcoding could do this therefore THQ needed a system that could handle barcoding, eliminate any chance of human error and handle multiple stock locations.

The solution

StoreFeeder has enabled THQ to move their picking to barcode picking via our app. This version of picking ensures the picker scans the barcode of the item being picked. There is also a visual id on the app; this solves the picking errors that were detrimental the business.

StoreFeeder's experience and comprehensive onboarding process, backed up by our five-star customer support, has made the transition to StoreFeeder painless for THQ.  The issue of mis picks has been solved, saving the business tens of thousands of pounds per year.



  • Mis-picks costing the business real revenue
  • Inefficient picking
  • Errors preventing business growth


  • Barcode scanning and picking
  • Excellent customer service
  • Complete and thorough onboarding process

Chris Butterworth says:

“The onboarding process was excellently handled despite some staff changes during the process... All complications we encountered were able to be resolved. We now save 10's of thousands of pounds annually by not making any mistakes. We can much more efficiently do stock counting and can more efficiently find and eliminate human errors and mistakes.

Support is very quickly handled and, almost always, tickets are quickly and politely resolved. Thanks for everything!”