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November 24, 2022

Whether you’re an ecommerce business owner selling your products via your Wordpress hosted website and Amazon, or you only sell on your own site but are considering selling on Amazon in the future, there’s a simple way to manage your offering on both of these platforms at once.

With StoreFeeder’s Wordpress and Amazon integration software, you can seamlessly combine the two platforms. Our convenient software allows you to log in to one platform to update listing information, add or remove products, monitor stock levels and much more across both marketplaces. With many more features to be discussed, we’ll provide all the information you need to know to get started, as well as listing the benefits of integrating your Wordpress website with Amazon. 

Why Integrate Wordpress with Amazon?

While we acknowledge that it’s possible for companies to sell separately across Wordpress and Amazon without any integration between the two sites, using our software can help to save a lot of time. Without integration, you’re required to log in to both platforms, monitor inventory levels, sales, stock changes, margins, process returns, conduct product uploads and write descriptions separately. And this doesn’t account for the additional time that you might spend running sales, or solving problems across your stores.

This whole process can take a while, and, with so many tabs open, you might even lose track of your activities and have to start over. Therefore, it would be much easier if you could easily manage both platforms in one place - which is where we can help. 

Using StoreFeeder software is the easiest way to integrate Wordpress (Woocommerce) with Amazon. 

However, if you’ve not yet started to sell on Amazon but you already have a Wordpress site showcasing your products or you’re using Woocommerce to sell them, then you might be wondering how selling on a marketplace like Amazon, in addition to your own website, will benefit your business. And, should you be undecided about expanding your business to Amazon, we’ve listed some additional benefits of selling on this site in the UK, backed by important figures, which can help you decide whether or not this marketplace is right for you.

The Benefits of Selling on Amazon:

  • Often, on unfamiliar websites, customers can be hesitant to enter their bank details when making a payment, and therefore might not proceed with their purchase. However, Amazon is a well-established and trusted ecommerce website  - so it’s no surprise that it’s now the biggest online marketplace in the UK* - even overtaking the two other strong contenders in the running: Tesco and Argos*.
  • With around 281 thousand sellers in 2019**- the Amazon UK marketplace has certainly become a popular place for all kinds of small businesses - catering to both budding and experienced sellers.
  • Since the pandemic, ecommerce has become the way forward, making it more important than ever for sellers to have an online presence, particularly on established marketplaces. In particular, Amazon reported a sales growth of 51% in the UK in 2020.* And, they’re fully prepared to cater to this growth - with 22 large Amazon distribution centres across the UK.***
  • If you decide to sell on Amazon, there’s a huge potential to reach international customers - with over 374 million worldwide visits recorded in May 2022***. Selling on Amazon provides a new way for customers to find and show an interest in your products. Not to mention that 86% of people in the UK shop on Amazon**- meaning that you’ll also have a fantastic local reach. 
  • There are around 15 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the UK*. Amazon Prime provides users with the freedom to fill up their baskets with more items without having to worry about delivery costs. Making the most of the benefits that come with a prime membership - prime users may spend more time on the site browsing around, and are therefore more likely to potentially come across your products.

Don’t Disappoint Me*, Cybercrew**, Statista***

Whatever products you sell, it’s likely to attract at least some attention from Amazon’s large customer base. If you sell across multiple marketplaces, rather than just your own website,

this opens up more opportunities to raise awareness of your items and business as a whole. 

Why should you use StoreFeeder’s Amazon and Wordpress Integration software?

Whether the above benefits of selling on Amazon have persuaded you to want to integrate this with your Wordpress website, or you’re looking to branch out further and, as well as integrating your website with Amazon, expand to other marketplaces such as Ebay, Etsy, Not on The High

Street and more, the benefits of our Amazon and Wordpress integration software include:

  • Manageable workload: Keeping product listings, orders, inventory information and more, in one place, StoreFeeder’s Amazon and Wordpress Integration Software saves you from switching between the two websites to separately monitor sales - which can take twice as long. When selling online, our software will make your tasks quicker and easier - meaning you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 
  • Integration with payment gateways, couriers & more: As well as linking Amazon and Wordpress, StoreFeeder software can integrate with payment platforms - such as PayPal, SagePay - couriers like DPD, DHL, Hermes - and even the accounting software, Xero - making stock management, dispatch, phone payments, and more, simple.
  • Flexibility: Allowing you to keep track of your business activities across a number of different marketplaces, StoreFeeder keeps everything simple and in clear view. Providing the flexibility you need, if you decide to change your ecommerce platform from Wordpress, StoreFeeder is compatible with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link Amazon products to Wordpress?

With StoreFeeder - not only can you integrate products (including pricing, images and descriptions) but our software also allows you to seamlessly complete a number of other important tasks that are essential to the everyday running of your business. These include real-time stock updates, the ability to manage inventory levels across both sites with ease, simple product uploads (including the ability to chance pricing, images and descriptions across all sites at once - and you can easily remove discontinued products), as well as offering convenient integration with popular couriers, payment gateways, and accounting software. 

What if I use different couriers for Wordpress and Amazon?

Not only does our Wordpress and Amazon integration software allow you to manage your stock and gather real-time data online - but it can also assist with your offline activities. Guiding you from uploading stock - all the way to when a product is delivered - our software allows you to use different couriers across a wide variety of marketplaces, which includes being able to benefit from Prime and Amazon Fulfillment. Our software also enables you to benefit from partners that provide the best postage rates for different products and types of packaging.

What other services can StoreFeeder provide?

Every business is different, so to find out how StoreFeeder can help you manage your business - we recommend booking a demo with one of our experts. 

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November 24, 2022

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