StoreFeeder: Taking the Hassle out of Selling on eBay.

May 12, 2022

Proud team member moment alert! Recently StoreFeeder was awarded the status of being a Gold Solution provider for eBay. It’s a great honour, but what does it all mean?

If you did the research, eBay would tell you that being a Gold Solution provider means taking the hassle out of selling. That is fair enough. However, at StoreFeeder, we do a lot more than that. The features we provide to help you achieve your best possible success in that marketplace amount to a hassle-free solution, but what is the sum of those parts?

To quote the warbling, mountain dwelling, handicraft enthusiast nun from another decade, “Let’s start at the very beginning.”. When signing up with StoreFeeder as well as putting your webstore orders in one dashboard, StoreFeeder will also automatically import your marketplace orders, including eBay.
eBay does tend to be a profitable and expansive marketplace for most online entrepreneurs. Therefore, most businesses will have extensive listings on the platform. StoreFeeder can download those listings to create the products. This saves a lot of time. Hassle-free? You bet.

So, products are created; what next? As you may or may not know, your SKU / Product number may not be the same as the listing number on eBay or your webstore. No problem, this is why we map. Mapping products to listings enables StoreFeeder to match orders to stock and manage the inventory (stock level) as the products are sold.

This kind of inventory management gives you, as an online merchant, the ability to list all available stock across all of your channels. Instead of five here, ten there etc. The StoreFeeder inventory management software will maintain accurate stock levels across all of your sales channels.

If you have new products you would like to list on eBay, StoreFeeder has a tool. Once the product has been created in StoreFeeder, open the product, go to the listings menu, select the correct eBay tab, and open a listing grid. This will allow you to edit the product descriptions and pricing and create the all import item specifics. When you are done, click list to channel and the product is live and purchasable on eBay.

StoreFeeder has worked very hard to take the hassle out of selling on eBay. We’d like to thank eBay for recognising this.

There is so much more to the way that StoreFeeder works with marketplaces and webstores. If you want to know more about StoreFeeder, get in touch here.

There will be another blog next week; it’s a special one; if you have read our TrustPilot reviews, you will have no doubt heard of Kane. He is the focus of meeting our team in next week’s Blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read the StoreFeeder blog.

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May 12, 2022

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