StoreFeeder Sessions 2024

March 22, 2024

There was a real eCommerce buzz around the venue from the moment the doors opened at 8.30am.

Guests networked with each other and partners from Shopline, Royal Mail, The Delivery Group, Decision Lab and Parcelhub.

Visitors also took full advantage of our personal 1-1 sessions with members of the StoreFeeder Support and Implementation Teams and made the most of valuable face to face meetings with our staff to discuss their StoreFeeder accounts and operations.

But the highlight of the event took place on our main stage, as the 200 customers and guests took to their seats.

After the introduction to the day from our very own Daniel Roper, the audience listened and interacted with the presenters as they were entertained with informative presentations about StoreFeeder and our plans for the future.

Session 1 - Empowering your success: StoreFeeder's commitment to you with proven results:

Our Managing Director, Brian Williamson, took to the stage to start the day in style as he spoke about why StoreFeeder do what we do, and the reasons why we thrive on feedback to help continually improve our software.

He also introduced one of our customers to the stage, Charlie Gilbert from Ransom Spares, who gave a brief but compelling and honest talk about how his business has moved forwards since the adoption of the StoreFeeder system into their business.

Brian finished with a sneak preview of V3, the brand new iteration of StoreFeeder and what this will bring to the table.

Session 2 – Navigating the Future: Expanding horizons with new channels and listing management

The second session of the day was presented by one of our Account Managers, Jared Meakin. Jared looks after some of our biggest clients and engaged the crowd on the perils of relying on a single marketplace for your sales and how eCommerce businesses should be investigating new marketplaces to diversify risk and target different audiences for sales.

He also introduced another customer on stage, Vernon Yerkess from Lama Fulfilment. Around 5 years ago Vernon’s business relied heavily on the Tesco marketplace and the deprecation of that channel literally overnight saw his order volumes drop by a staggering 80% as a result.

Finally, Jared rounded off with a sneak preview of the new marketplaces and partners that we are working with.

Session 3 – Partner Session – Shopline

The first of our partner sessions saw Alexandra Lervy from Shopline take to the stage to showcase Shopline to the crowd.

Shopline is Asia’s biggest eCommerce store provider and Alex talked about their plans to enter the European market and the brand new partnership and integration with StoreFeeder.

Session 4 – Enhancing your warehouse: How to get the most from StoreFeeder WMS

Just before the lunch break, our Operations Manager, Ian Dade presented a session about how small changes to operations can reap big rewards for our customers warehouse operations, not only with efficiency and accuracy within the order fulfilment process, but also in reducing the environmental impact of their businesses.

His session also touched on some staggering stats on paper usage within the warehouse and how reducing this and minimising order returns in the eCommerce industry, can have a dramatic effect reducing CO2 emissions associated to online selling.

Ian rounded off his session being joined by our Software Development Manager, Shaun Field, and they went through some of the future developments for the WMS functionality within StoreFeeder.

Session 5 – Unlocking Potential: Leveraging reporting for superior business insights

After lunch, Brian returned to the stage with Shaun to give an expectant crowd the first glimpse of our new “insights” feature and show how the vast amounts of data that StoreFeeder holds in it can be better accessed and utilised by business owners, warehouse managers and staff.

The pair gave a live demo and had the cameras of the audience flashing as people heard more about data driven decision making and the new capabilities of the powerful new insights tool.

We are very excited about our new insights tools and the possibilities it give us and our users,

Session 6 – Partner Session – Royal Mail

No StoreFeeder event would be complete without an engaging and informative session from Royal Mail, and Sessions 2024 was no exception.

First on stage was Head of Shipping Solutions and Payment Channels, Darren Hatton, who spoke about the multitude of shipping options available to customer for both domestic and international shipments along with compelling information about Royal Mails high standing within the parcel delivery industry.

Later in the Session, Darren was joined by James Cregan, Head of Strategic Accounts, who spoke honestly about his knowledge of marketplaces and sales channels in the eCommerce sector, the challenges these providers are facing, and the innovation some of these channels are bringing to their clients.

Session 7 – Embracing the Future: Crafting a system to sustain your success for a decade and beyond

The StoreFeeder main man, Brian Williamson, returned to the stage to offer some valuable lessons on security of data and how StoreFeeder can offer some powerful tools to keep your data safe.

He also introduced our first step into the AI world as the crowd were shown a preview of our in development AI tool to enhance listing and product descriptions.

And finally, V3 was given a full airing as Shaun once again joined Brian for a deeper dive into the new V3 design and functionality.

Session 8 – Q&A

No customer focused event would be complete without a Q&A session and the audience took full advantage firing their questions at the assembled StoreFeeder panel of Brian, Ian, Jared and Shaun.

We have great customers and the array of questions showed insightful and deep knowledge of the system and all the panel members were pleased to keep the crowd informed.

Session 9 - The Grand Finale

The very last section saw Brian and Ian return to the stage for a very special session.

We see all our customers as partners, and as we showed throughout the day, the longer that a partnership is between StoreFeeder and the customer, the more benefit their business gets through data, and functionality.

We run a number of incentive schemes for longer serving customers that provide a portal for honest and experienced feedback on new features.

And to recognise the partnerships we have, we welcomed a number of customers onto the stage to collect 10 year partnership awards, celebrating more than 10 years of their business and StoreFeeder working together.

So there you have it, what a day it was.

If you were unable to attend this year, we plan to have the slides and some videos out in mid April, keep an eye on the blog!!

Now to start planning StoreFeeder Sessions 2025!!

Written by
Ian Dade
March 22, 2024

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