Exploring the StoreFeeder App: Unlock efficiency in receiving goods

June 21, 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of StoreFeeder App Deliveries! Imagine transforming the way you manage goods inwards, effortlessly, efficiently, and all within one powerful app. For warehouse managers and business owners, this feature is a game-changer, promising smoother operations and fewer headaches.

Picture this…

Picture this: You're a warehouse manager, orchestrating the delicate balance of goods flowing in and out. Imagine having a tool that transforms this juggling act into a smooth, stress-free operation

With StoreFeeder’s Deliveries feature, you can make this vision a reality. This innovative tool simplifies your stock receiving process, ensuring your inventory management is efficient and hassle free. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to precision and control.

Ready to revolutionise this part of your warehouse operations? Let’s dive in!

Goods In: Simplified and streamlined

The StoreFeeder App is your gateway to effortless stock management, and part of the functionality is allowing you to handle deliveries directly within the system. Here's how it works:

Easy access

Navigate to the “Deliveries” tab in the StoreFeeder App. Here, you'll find a list of purchase orders (POs) that have been sent to suppliers and due for delivery this week. You can easily search for specific PO’s or simply scan a product from the delivery to find its associated open PO’s.

Simplified booking in process

Once you've selected the appropriate PO, the Book In screen presents you with all the details:

Tabs: Track the progress of the delivery process for each product on the PO with four intuitive tabs showing you the exact status of each SKU on the PO

• Not Started – This shows all SKU’s where no items have yet been scanned or entered

• In Progress – Shows all SKU’s where some of the qty due has been scanned, but not all

• Booked In – Shows the SKU’s where the correct qty of the item has been booked in

• Overbooked – This shows any SKU’s where more stock than was ordered has been entered.

Item details: See individual item details, including quantities ordered and received, and suggested stock locations.

Stock increment: Use the “+” or “-” buttons or manually enter received quantities. Scanning barcodes also updates the stock count, perfect for mixed boxes.

Flexible placement/put away

At the bottom of the page, you have the option of which location to book the stock into.

When booking stock in SKU by SKU, clicking “Other” will allow you to select the suggested location (possibly where there is already stock located), choose from any of the locations that are linked to that product or to put away in any location by clicking the select button and finding an empty location

If you want to book in the whole PO (all the SKU’s at the same time, then you also have options:

Quarantined: Place items in quarantine for later transfer, ideal if you don't want stock available immediately.

Goods In: Quickly book items into a Goods In location for later transfer.

Whichever way you choose, you can utilise location scanning and verify product placement by scanning the location where items are stored. Repeat for different items and locations.

However, you choose to book the stock in, using the app ensure that the inventory levels update live, making booked in stock available for sale, and for picking, instantly.

Handling exceptions

Of course, not all deliveries turn up correct, we can but dream, so the app has functionality to cater for exceptions as well.

Overbooked: The system manages scenarios where you receive more stock than ordered. When a user overbooks a product, we will show a warning to ensure that they double check the quantity received.

Creating Ad Hoc POs: If a product with no open PO is scanned, the app prompts you to create an ad hoc PO for immediate booking.


The StoreFeeder App’s Deliveries feature transforms your stock management process, making handling incoming goods a breeze. As a warehouse manager or e-commerce business owner, mastering this functionality ensures smoother and more  accurate goods inwards operations, making your job easier and more efficient.

Say goodbye to the chaos of stock receiving and hello to a streamlined, efficient warehouse.

Ready to take your warehouse management to the next level? Start using StoreFeeder’s Deliveries feature today and experience the difference! Visit our Knowledge Academy page for more details.

Written by
Ian Dade
June 21, 2024

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