Exploring the StoreFeeder App: A journey through pickwaves

June 14, 2024

In the busy, fast paced, eCommerce warehouses of the UK, something is causing disruption to the norm. But not in a bad way…

Picking processes are becoming more efficient and accurate, more orders are leaving the doors at night, and retailers are seeing cost savings and environmental benefits.

The cause? The StoreFeeder App, a gateway to warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

In this blog, we embark on a virtual expedition, guided by the enigmatic “app picking” feature. Buckle up, as we navigate the binary aisles and decode the secrets of this warehouse revolution.

Unveiling the Picking Function

Imagine a paperless warehouse, a workplace where unnecessary printing is abolished, and pickers no longer wield clipboards. Instead, handheld devices are the norm, opening the way to the accuracy and efficiency that warehouse managers and business owners alike are striving for.

Welcome to the “Picking” function on the StoreFeeder App. This function replaces the antiquated paper-based system within the main StoreFeeder platform.

Its purpose? To orchestrate the ballet of picking, directing warehouse staff to the right locations, products, and quantities, all in a calculated, optimised route around the stage that is the warehouse. Its main purpose, to ensure accuracy and eliminate processing issues further down the fulfilment chain and significantly reduce returns.

The Optimised Route

As our picker arms themselves with the correct tools (read: PDA), the “Picking” function guides them on a journey of efficiency and accuracy.

It’s like having a GPS for stock retrieval. Here’s how it works:

• Logical, optimised order: The app arranges pickwaves based on stock location order, meaning the picker takes the shortest route around the warehouse to pick all the required items. No more zigzagging through the aisles and zones. With the StoreFeeder App, efficiency reigns supreme.

• Barcode Validation: Each pickwave can have specific validation levels. Barcodes authenticate products and locations during picking, ensuring that the correct products reach the packing benches.

An array of features

Whilst the user is utilising the innovative picking features, they have an array of tools to assist them. Whether dealing with stubborn barcodes, managing multiple units, or customising your pickwave sequence, our App ensure a seamless experience, designed to boost productivity, and streamline operations in your busy warehouse.

• Override the scan: If a barcode refuses to co-operate (perhaps it’s camera-shy), a picker can type a reason into the “Note” section, which allows them to advance. Of course, we record that this pick was not barcode validated for audit purposes.

• Pick quantity: When picking more than one unit of a product, the Pick Qty flashes green. An “in your face” reminder from the app that more than one unit is required.

• Reverse mode: Fed up with queueing to start your pickwaves on a busy morning? Reverse your route and walk your pickwave from Z to A. Perfect for busy warehouses.

• Next location: Beneath the “Next” button, the next location awaits. Handy when you’re perched atop a ladder.

• Claiming pickwaves: Pickers can swoop in like digital magpies, taking any unclaimed pickwaves. The system will reassign them to their name, ensuring that all staff remain as productive as possible.

• Stock problem: If the picker encounters an issue with the pick, a quick click of the “stock issue” button gives them some routes to continue onwards. If more stock is available elsewhere, they will be rerouted. If not, the app will remove affected orders from the pickwave, delete any future unneeded items from the pickwave, notify the team of the issue, and at the end of the pickwave, instruct the picker to return any unneeded items that have already been picked. Even stock issues cannot stop the efficiency and accuracy of the StoreFeeder App.


The StoreFeeder App is revolutionising the picking process in busy eCommerce warehouses across the UK.

By replacing outdated paper-based systems with a streamlined, handheld device solution, it enhances accuracy, efficiency, and overall productivity.

The "Picking" function orchestrates a seamless workflow, directing staff through optimised routes and ensuring precise, accurate stock retrieval.

As a result, retailers are experiencing significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and improved order fulfilment. Embrace the future of warehouse management with the StoreFeeder App and join the revolution in efficiency and accuracy.

And the best part....our app is open for all to use, just contact the Support Team for information on how to add it to your account and get started!!

Written by
Ian Dade
June 14, 2024

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