Listing management

StoreFeeder's listing management streamlines product listings for eCommerce businesses across multiple channels. The central platform reduces manual data entry and ensures consistent information. It provides real-time updates on stock and sales for accurate inventory management. Quick, easy updates improve visibility and increase sales and profits.

Find out more by reading our comprehensive guide all about listing management.

Listing management

software gives you:

  • Bulk listing tool
    Bulk listing allows you to select a channel, then see which product in your catalogue are not listed for sale on it. StoreFeeder will pre-fill the fields that it can and then you are free to amend and upload. A quick way to list in bulk to a sales channel and maximise your products' visibility.
  • Multi-channel listing
    Take pre-populated data already stored on your product records in StoreFeeder and quickly make new listings for your products on your channels. Just click “create”, enter any unique data required for that channel and up it goes.
  • Smart Price
    With Smart Price, you can create pricing rules for your listings. Making a change to any element of the rule within the system will recalculate you selling price and trigger a price update to the relevant sales channel, automatically.

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