Vintage Trainers: StoreFeeder has given total control to the UKs premium Vintage Trainer retailer.

Vintage Trainers' story

The issues

Vintage Trainers is an environmentally-focused small business. They buy second-hand footwear, then fully refurbish them to get them back on people's feet. Every year, just in the UK, over 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away. Vintage Trainers is doing something about this crazy statistic.

The solution

Vintage Trainers explored alternative software solutions, including ChannelAdvisor; however, they determined that these options did not align with their cost-effectiveness objectives. Recognising the imperative need for a dependable, budget-friendly, and user-friendly software solution capable of seamlessly disseminating a single product across multiple platforms, and promptly updating all platforms upon selling that product, Vintage Trainers found their ideal solution in StoreFeeder. Furthermore, StoreFeeder provides comprehensive integrations with prominent shipping companies, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service capabilities.

From Mat:

The StoreFeeder team are a great bunch. Friendly, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable. When
considering jumping on the channel management software train, it's wise to check out the other options first. But trust me, once you have given StoreFeeder a whirl, you'll see they're in a league of their own. They're lightning-fast when it comes to tech support. Their platform is a breeze to use, and the best part is, that it won't break the bank like those other guys.

Let's face it: juggling multiple software tools can become a real headache. Why go through all that trouble when StoreFeeder can handle your stock control, warehousing, EPOS, and logistics in one handy platform? Without StoreFeeder, we’d be stuck manually listing items across different platforms and pulling the plug when something's sold. That's not just a hassle.



  • Growing environmentally sound business
  • New concept
  • Unique products
  • Low stock quantities


  • The staff and support are excellent
  • Allows listing of one-off and unique items
  • Saved hours of time and money
  • Enables the business to run how they want it to