Inventory management

Inventory management is an essential element of your eCommerce business. StoreFeeder gives you a centralised solution for total inventory management.

Find out more by reading our guide on inventory management.

Inventory management

software gives you:

  • Inventory updates
    As stock sells on your channels, all the orders come into StoreFeeder, meaning we have a central, accurate inventory level in our system that factors in all your sales, from all your channels. Inventory update keeps your listings accurate, reflecting those sales and reducing the risk of overselling.
  • Quick and easy stock checks
    Accurate stock is a must, so with our stock check process you can do inventory checks at any time, even while orders are being picked. With system led or manual options, we help keep your inventory levels accurate.
  • Live stock information
    See stock levels and where your stock is in the warehouse at all times with live data. You can see a full audit history of what has happened to your stock, from picked orders to booking in, adjustments and stock transfers.

Key features & benefits


Multi-Level Reporting

StoreFeeder allows you to instantly pull reports across products, channels and online stores. This gives you full visibility when it comes to what sells and where, as well as an indicative margin on each product.

Ultimately, StoreFeeder allows you to spend less time managing inventory and more time making key, data-driven decisions that will scale your business quickly.


Manage Inventory In Multiple Locations

Whether you have one stock location or multiple locations within your warehouse, StoreFeeder provides a real-time view of inventory levels across every location.

You’ll be given a clear view of every single sale, return, stock replenishment and stock transfer between locations.


Assisted Stock Replenishment

StoreFeeder can generate requisitions based on sales. These suggestions are designed to help you quickly decide which lines or items you should order more of.

These requisitions can be quickly converted to purchase orders. This helps with the often laborious task of stock purchasing and you can rest assured that the suggestions are based on your sales activity.


Multiple Barcode Support

StoreFeeder can be set up to automatically ensure that orders assigned to a pickwave are fulfilled from the most suitable location.

This streamlines your processes and drives efficiency across your entire business.


Versatile Product Formats

Whether you sell individual products, kits or variants, StoreFeeder can make managing these products simple.

No matter how complex your kit or variant options, the correct corresponding inventory levels will be updated.


Customisable Attribute Fields And Flexible Pricing

We understand that all businesses are different. That’s why we’ve made our software fully flexible so that it can meet your needs.

Easily add custom attributes to products and categories and manage list prices to keep your valued customers happy.

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