Inventory management

Transform the way you manage your inventory with StoreFeeder's centralised solution. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to real-time accuracy, as all your sales channels are seamlessly integrated with one central system. Keep your stock levels in sync across all platforms and avoid missing sales due to outdated information.

Find out more by reading our comprehensive guide all about inventory management.

Inventory management

software gives you:

  • Inventory updates
    As stock sells on your channels, all the orders come into StoreFeeder, meaning we have a central, accurate inventory level in our system that factors in all your sales, from all your channels. Inventory update keeps your listings accurate, reflecting those sales and reducing the risk of overselling.
  • Smart Check
    Accurate stock is a must, so with SmartCheck you can do stock checks at any time, even while orders are being picked. With system led or manual options, we help keep your inventory levels accurate.
  • Smart Stock
    See stock levels and where your stock is in the warehouse at all times with live data. You can see a full audit history of what has happened to your stock, from picked orders to booking in, adjustments and stock transfers.

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