UserVoice Relaunch

May 15, 2023


Jared Meakin

We would like to announce the upcoming relaunch of our UserVoice portal and apologize for its previous lack of maintenance, which has caused our customers to lose faith in it. However, we recognize the importance of engaging with our users to obtain their feedback to shape the future of StoreFeeder.

We have dedicated resources available to monitor and engage with customers regarding their feedback. To facilitate this, we are planning to relaunch the portal soon. Unfortunately, all ideas older than 6 months will be deleted unless they have received more than 10 unique votes across our customer base.

The new policy is outlined on the landing page, but in summary, all ideas will be given 90 days to gain 10 votes to ensure they will be discussed. However, this does not guarantee that they will be implemented. Additionally, we will at our discretion accept ideas that have not reached 10 votes if we feel they will add value to StoreFeeder as a whole.

We believe this is fair as it allows our customers to contribute to someone else's idea, so we can create a product that meets all of our customers' needs. The UserVoice page is where we will direct the majority of new feature requests or amendments that are not caused by bugs.

The support portal will still be available for day-to-day support, but our support team may request that you enter your idea/request on the UserVoice page. We appreciate your participation in this process as it helps us create a better product for everyone.

You can find our UserVoice page at

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