StoreFeeder App Update – Release Notes – Version 2.9.0

February 22, 2023


Ian Dade

Update Summary - Release Notes

Welcome to the latest update post for the StoreFeeder App.

The new version of the app will be - 2.9.0 and should be available later in the afternoon on Wednesday 22nd February 2023.

Discontinued flag on product enquiry
Following on from the new 'Discontinued Product' feature launched on the main system in the January release (, if a product is 'Discontinued' this will be displayed on the product when doing a product enquiry.

New picking validation type - location and product (one product scan)
We currently have 3 levels of picking validation:

  1. None - No validation required
  2. Product - The picker is required to scan a single unit to confirm they have the correct ite,
  3. Location and Product Quantity - The picker is required to scan the location and the correct amount of items that are required.

We have now added a 4th validation type, 'Location and Single Product', that sits between Level 2 and 3 and adds a greater level of validation without being a strict as Level 4.

This level of validation requires the picker to confirm the location by scanning and then the correct product by scanning a single unit (regardless of the qty required to be picked)

As per normal, pickwaves can be allocated this validation type on creation.

System led Stock takes now allow you to do all products in a location
Previously, a system led stock take would work on a SKU level. only allowing you to check that SKU in a location, even if there were other SKU's in the same location.

This meant that people doing system led stock checks were revisiting locations multiple times to check individual items.

We have now added a new type of check, 'System led (location)'. This means that people doing the stock checks, can navigate the warehouse location at a time, checking all SKU's in the location.

That concludes the update release notes for Version 2.9.0

The StoreFeeder App Team

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