StoreFeeder App Update - Release Notes - Version 2.15.0

September 20, 2023


Ian Dade

Welcome to the latest update post for the StoreFeeder App.

The new version of the app will be – 2.15.0 and is available on Wednesday 20th September 2023 for Android and iOS users.


Following feedback from users, we have added 5 new stock take types, taking the available number of stock check functions to 9.


The new options are:

1) System led (location)

A system led (location) stock take takes a user to a random stock location for a stock take

2) System led (reverse)

System led (reverse) will randomly select locations and products to stock take, starting from the lowest ordered location (using stock location orders)

3) Unsold products

This will point users to stock check products that have not been ordered in the last 6 months

4) Fast selling products

Fast selling products stock check returns products to check based on recent order quantity versus remaining stock, so items that are selling quickly at the time.

5) System led (date)

This type of check suggests products ordered by time since the last stock take was undertaken.


For more information on carrying out stock takes using the app, you can read our knowledge base guide here:


That concludes the update release notes for Version 2.15.0

The StoreFeeder App Team

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