StoreFeeder App Update - Release Notes - Version 2.11.0

May 3, 2023


Ian Dade

Update Summary - Release Notes

Welcome to the latest update post for the StoreFeeder App.

The new version of the app will be – 2.11.0 and should be available on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 for Android users.

For iOS users, the update will be next week.


Update Notifications

We will now inform you when a new version of the software is available. (This will be for release v2.12.0 onwards)



When updated, we will give you the option to see “What’s new” in the latest update.


If you want to see what has been added, changed or updated in the new release, click “Yes” and you can now read the App release notes.


New sort options for pickwaves, transfers and stock take approvals

Following user feedback, we have added additional sortation options.

As an example, you can change to order of transfers to be sorted by the “From” location.

These sortation options are set by the user and stored on the device.


Expected Deliveries this week

The Deliveries page will show purchase orders that have a due date within the next week..

That concludes the update release notes for Version 2.11.0

The StoreFeeder App Team

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