Setting up an API user and role for Magento Integration

February 3, 2012



In a previous post I discussed Magento integration for multi-channel ecommerce and how StoreFeeder can help with your Magento ecommerce operation, but let's take it to the next step...

Magento Screenshot

In order to allow a system such as StoreFeeder to connect with your Magento store you will need to set up something called an API user along with an associated role. An API is the means by which software can communicate with each other.

We've produced a manual page with screenshots to cover the steps on how to go about doing this for StoreFeeder >Magento channel integration

.But I'll summarise here;1. Login to your Magento admin, and navigate to Systems > Web services > Users2. Add a new user and fill out the form, the API key is your password so pick something secure3. Next you'll need to add a new role, Systems > Web services > Roles, giving it the name the software requires (in our case StoreFeeder).4. You'll then need to set the 'role resources' from the left hand menu, you can set this to 'All' or select items individulally.5. Pop back to the user screen and assign the role to the user you set up in step 2.And that's it. You've now set up an API user and role ready for Magento integration!

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