Latest Updates: November Edition (Paper-free Invoices, Print Assist & more)

November 14, 2017


Adam Roberts

This month our developers have been hard at work building in improvements to our service, and performing maintenance to help keep StoreFeeder running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This include refinements in our code and processes in preparation for the next feature releases in the new year. Keep an eye on the blog and user messages for further updates as they come. Here are the feature and service improvements due for release Wednesday 15th November.

New Features Paper-free Invoices We have added a new section to the Email templates page allowing you to create fully customisable email invoices as an alternative to paper itext invoices.

There is now a section for 'Loop Tokens'. Each of these represents a different field on the order line. Combine these with text to create your personalised email invoices. For more information on email templates, see this knowledgebase: Creating an Email Template.

Packer productivity report By popular demand, we will be releasing some of the new reporting first demoed to customers who attended our StoreFeeder sessions event in October. You find this report in 'Reports'>'Products', and it will provide statistics on average despatch times, average orders per despatch, and average order totals per team, or per individual packer. The Packer Productivity report will be available for all customers who already have Picker Productivity reports enabled.

Print Assist reminder We have had great success with our Print Assist feature, which allows for instant and automatic document printing in StoreFeeder. This is an account specific feature, so please contact our support teams if you wish to discuss adding Print Assist to your account. For more information, see our knowledgebases on how to install and set up the client, and how to enable and use Print Assist.

New Improvements

Royal Mail special delivery instructions There is now a toggle to choose whether to print special delivery instructions your Royal Mail labels. This setting can be found on any of your Royal Mail 'Edit/View Integration'  pages. In the Courier API Settings section, type 'true' in the Show Special Instructions field if you wish for your special instructions to be printed on the label, or type 'false' or leave the field blank if you do not .For more information on setting up your direct Royal Mail integration, see this knowledgebase: Setting up a Royal Mail Direct Integration

Hazardous goods information We have added an additional 'Hazardous goods information' section to the 'Product additional information' tab, for hen a product requires special care or attention. Included is a checkbox to mark your product as hazardous, and fields to enter additional codes and information. For our customers who ship with Parcelforce, this information will appear on your printed labels.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can continue to improve your StoreFeeder service, please do let us know. Your feedback is highly valued, and informs the development of new features and improvements.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy retailing.

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