Latest Updates: July Edition Part 2 (Improvements to Splitting Orders, Purchase Order Settings,

July 24, 2017


Adam Roberts

This month, we have focused on providing additional options and enhancements to our existing features to further speed up the processing of your orders.Here is the list of new features and service improvements that will be included in our latest release scheduled for 26/07/17 AM.

New features

Kit Products - Splitting Out of Stock OrdersWe have revised the way that the splitting of kit products is handled in StoreFeeder.There may be occasions where stock runs low on component products that form part of a kit. Depending on how you handle stock that is part of a kit or bundle, you may wish either to allow the products within a kit to be sold separately, or have StoreFeeder wait for the out of stock products to be replenished before the products can be sold again.As such, we are now offering you a choice on how we handle the splitting of your orders containing kit products, depending on the 'Display kit product on order?' toggle on the ‘Additions and swaps’ tab on your product information.

When this toggle is set to ‘yes’, the kit product will always be displayed on any orders, not just the component parts of the kit product. This setting will not allow the kit products to be split into a new order if any or all of the component products are out of stock. The kit would have to be restocked before the component products could be split.

If you want to be able to split the kit to sell the component products separately, set the toggle to 'no'. Knowledgebase: Setting up a Kit Product Knowledgebase: Splitting Out of Stock Orders


Specify order numbers and channel references on ParcelForce labels: If you use ParcelForce, channel order reference numbers can now be added to your ParcelForce labels instead of the StoreFeeder order number. Should you wish this feature to be activated on your account, please contact our support team.

Purchase Order Requisitions: When raising your purchase orders, there may be particular suppliers you only order from very occasionally, so to further speed up your order processing, we have added the option to exclude particular suppliers from the Purchase Order Requisitions feature. There is a toggle on the 'Products'>'Suppliers'>'Edit Supplier' page, which will allow you to exclude a particular supplier by flicking the toggle to 'Off'.

Rest API Improvements: By request, you can now make updates to product suppliers (inventory, price, etc) using the supplier SKU and supplier ID. For more information, see our API Documentation

Fulfilled By Amazon Order Notifications: So you never miss your high-priority orders, should a Fulfilled by Amazon order fail to create for any reason, email notifications will now be automatically sent to your account administrators.

Cost Price added to Packing Sizes: We have added a 'Packaging Cost' additional column in your Settings > Shipping configuration > Packaging Sizes. This is so the cost of your packaging can be taken into account when calculating your order costs and profits. If you have any further suggestions or comments, please use our UserVoice service at:

Your suggestions and comments are of paramount importance to us, as many of our new features come directly from your requests. Our motto is 'Sell more, work less,' and so if there is a way we can offer an even better service for your business, we're waiting to hear from you.

Keep an eye out for our next major release in August. From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team. Published on: 24 Jul 2017 @ 17:07

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