Latest Updates: April Edition (New Manifest Page, Generate Purchase Orders in Other Currencies, Shopify Listings Product Tax)

April 24, 2017


Adam Roberts

Our developers have been working hard as always to fulfil your new feature requests. Our April release is now live, and consists of three new features:New Manifest PageWe have implemented major changes to the manifesting page, so you can now manage your outstanding or completed manifests separately.This new feature allows for a comprehensive rundown of your completed manifests, including the details of each manifested order, along with the options to reprint your manifest paperwork, or resubmit a manifest to the carrier.Knowledgebase: How to Manifest Your PickwavesCreate Purchase Orders in other CurrenciesWe recognise that some of our customers source from overseas suppliers, so now you can specify the required currency for your Purchase Orders in your Supplier Information page, and we will recalculate your supplier prices for you based on up-to-date exchange rates.Knowledgebase: Create Purchase Orders in Other CurrenciesSpecify Product Tax for Shopify Listings We now include product tax fields for Shopify Orders. Depending on the products you sell, you may need to specify whether or not you need to add tax to your prices.New Shopify listings will have tax added as a default, but if you need to change any of these values, see our knowledgebase for instructions:Knowledgebase: Adding Product Tax to Shopify ListingsComing SoonWe will be adding new pages for simplifying and handling Courier FileExports, for our customers who utilise courier services without APIs. Expect a full entry and knowledgebase for this feature soon.If there is a way in which we can benefit your business, please do get in contact and let us know. It may become our next major feature.storefeeder.uservoice.comOn behalf of all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling! Published on: 24 Apr 2017

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