Latest Release Updates – 2nd October 2018

October 3, 2018


Kane Landa

As you may have seen in a previous blog post, the Development Team have been hard at work on work to allow users to take advantage of the new eBay Product Based Shopping Experience (PBSE).

We have also been hard at work on further improvements to functionality within StoreFeeder and the StoreFeeder App. Oh and we had a great time meeting old and new customers at the Ecommerce Expo in London!!

Emailing Tracked Returns Labels

You can now send a customer a Royal Mail Tracked Returns Label directly from the order within StoreFeeder. It does not matter which courier you used to ship the original order, you can email the customer a PDF of a Royal Mail Tracked Return label To access this great feature, you need to create an email account on StoreFeeder and an email template that will populate the email that is sent from the system for the return. The label is simply attached to the email.

A great time-saving way of making returns easier for your customers For more information on setting this up, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help Multiple Products with the same barcode (EAN)It is quite common now that multiple products have the same EAN or barcode. This has the ability to cause problems when using StoreFeeder's numerous barcode technology applications, particularly when despatching using barcodes (Barcode Despatch)Well, now it doesn't!! If your despatch operative has more than one product in a pick wave with the same EAN, when they scan the barcode on any of these items, the system will open a new popup and ask you to select which is the correct product variation before despatching the order.

Channel Hyperlinks now available on orders

You can now click on the Channel Order Numbers on the Orders Page within StoreFeeder and be taken directly to the corresponding order within your sales channel. Useful for checking payment information, client details etc, this feature is available for eBay, Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce

App Updates

This one is just for our app users, our consolidated picking feature is now available on the Picking function on the StoreFeeder App Consolidated Picking allows pickers to carry out a pre-sortation of items while picking to allow easier processing at the despatch stage

As an example, if you are picking 20 orders and you use 4 tote bins on a picking trolley, the system will split the orders so that the items for 5 orders go into each of the totes when picking, making sortation of items at despatch easier e.g. SKU "ABC" - total pick = 26, place 4 in Tote A, place 7 in Tote B, place 13 in Tote C, place 2 in Tote D Then when the items get to the despatch area, the packer knows that all items for one order are in the same tote and this reduces the time searching for additional items Consolidated picking is available as a paper-based system for non App users and details of this can be found her

Finally....As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you. all of us here at StoreFeeder, Happy selling. The StoreFeeder Team

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