Frooition Signature: Update your own eBay store design

October 16, 2012



Frooition launched Frooition Signature the world’s first eBay design solution last month and we'd love to hear if any of you have tried it yet?To give you a bit of background, Frooition create custom eBay store and listing designs for all levels of eBay sellers and this latest solution allows sellers to create and update their own eBay store designs without needing to hire a designer, or needing any HTML coding knowledge.If you're an eBay seller you'll know that it's important for your products to stand out from your competitors. Traditional bricks and mortar shops have been dressing their shop windows to entice customers into their stores for decades, and having a custom design for your eBay store and listings follows this trend.Like the shop window, you'll want to 'redress' your eBay store design regularly to keep up with trends, whether they're seasonal, product or fashion. You could...

  • Run special promotions on your eBay store to drive more sales
  • Promote new product lines as they arrive
  • Create multiple store layouts for peak trading periods and seasonal trends

Frooition Signature uses a 'drag and drop' set up to allow for easy updates, giving the control back to the sellers. If you want to find out more about Frooition Signature then pop over to their website and check our their video, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.As an aside, you'll be glad to hear that StoreFeeder has full support for eBay listing templates!

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