Order management

Our order processing functions provide efficient and accurate options for picking and packing your orders, Our app based picking offers barcode validation, reducing errors, ensuring your packers get the right products, every time. Our Scan Pack feature brings efficiency and accuracy to your despatch operations.

Find out more by reading our comprehensive guide all about order management.

Order management

software gives you:

  • Validated picking
    With 4 levels of pick validation available, app based picking ensures that your pickers pick the correct product from the correct location. More accuracy during the picking process, means fewer issues at despatch.
  • Efficient & accurate despatch
    Our intelligent despatch system allows product led despatch ensuring your orders are despatched quickly and accurately, and that your customer gets what they ordered, every time.
  • Tote Picking
    This optional addition to the picking process consists of picking the required items and depositing them in a series of totes on a picking trolley. With tote picking, as you progress the pickwave, the products that make up each order will be grouped into one tote, ready for quick and easy despatch.
  • Trolley Picking
    Allocate a scannable trolley ID to each pickwave for easy identification and visibility of exactly where stock is as it is being picked.
  • Automated courier allocation
    Our shipping rules engine takes key data from the order and runs this through your pre-determined settings and allocates the correct carrier and service to the order automatically on order import. No more decision making by staff.

Key features & benefits


Point of Sale

An intelligent piece of order processing software, StoreFeeder’s point of sale system enables you to process sales and manage your stock effectively, whether you’re selling via a trade counter or servicing walk-ins.

With the additional ability to process orders over the phone or via a file import, this fully integrable order processing system gives you the ultimate freedom to operate your business in the most beneficial way to you.

StoreFeeder’s order processing software also captures customer information, order information and payments across all selling channels, compiling it into one single, secure platform.

Access these records for simple order tracking across a range of sale points without having to manually check each different system.


Order Processing

Our order processing software enables you to easily and automatically route all channel orders to one location.

Customise and automate your order processing system and pickwaves to allocate multiple orders to one wave, allowing your pack and dispatch systems to operate quickly and efficiently.

Completely in control, you can set the terms of this workflow and easily guide the entire order process for both selling and buying on behalf of your business.


Route To Right Shipping Partner

Utilise Storefeeder’s post-order shipping system to automatically apply the appropriate shipping method for each of your orders.

Stock identification and order fulfilment are also simplified with StoreFeeder’s intelligent warehousing solution which competently directs your picking team to the most suitable stock location.

Automatic order updates will then ensure that you remain constantly up-to-date regarding the status of each order within the system, making management of the entire sales process swift and clear.


Automated Inventory Updates

Automated and accurate inventory updates produced using StoreFeeder’s stock management software allows you to remain up-to-date on stock levels, reducing the risk of overselling.

This stock management software has multi-platform capabilities, allowing you to monitor stock levels from multiple platforms and stores all in one place.

Stock levels are automatically updated on the system when an item is sold on any of the integrated channels you sell on, bringing organisation and control to your online stock management.


Product Listings Feature

You can update your product descriptions, prices, images and more with StoreFeeder’s product listings feature across most of your sales channels and marketplaces.

This eliminated the tedious task of logging into every platform and updating each individual product whenever there’s a new line introduced or a feature is changed.

Simply login to StoreFeeder, update your product listing and see those changes reflected across any or all sales platforms. Read more about our full product listings feature here.


Reporting In Real-Time

Utilise StoreFeeder’s real-time reporting platform to easily capture and assess your sales date.

This allows you to view and group products by sales and orders, ultimately giving you the information necessary to stay on top of your stock and purchasing.

This element of our full order management software has the ability to report across channels, allowing you to measure your success on marketplaces and within your own stores.

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