Drop shipping

StoreFeeder can manage drop shipping. If you are solely drop shipping or using drop ship companies as part of your supply chain, StoreFeeder is the multichannel management system you need. StoreFeeder can process orders and direct them to your drop shipper. Our platform will then receive back the order and shipping details and pass them directly to your customers. See below for details on how StoreFeeder can manage drop shipping for you.

Find out more by reading our comprehensive guide all about drop shipping.

Drop shipping

software gives you:

  • Low start-up costs
    Drop shipping eliminates the need for businesses to invest in inventory upfront. They can start selling products online without the expenses associated with stocking and storing inventory.
  • Wide product selection
    With drop shipping, businesses can access various products from various suppliers. They can offer adverse catalogue without the need to manage physical inventory.
  • Reduced risk
    Since businesses don't purchase inventory upfront, they don't carry the risk of unsold products or inventory obsolescence. They only purchase products after receiving orders from customers, reducing financial risk.
  • Time and cost efficiency
    Drop shipping simplifies the fulfilment process. Businesses don't have to handle packaging, shipping, or inventory management, allowing them to focus on marketing, customer service, and growing their business.
  • Scalability
    Drop shipping enables businesses to scale their operations quickly. As the fulfilment and shipping responsibilities are outsourced to suppliers, businesses can handle more orders without significant operational constraints.

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