Gifts From Handpicked: Providing a complete solution, StoreFeeder has enabled this creative craft business to expand and grow.

Gifts From Handpicked's story

The issues

This growing eCommerce company was facing several challenges that were impacting their operations and customer satisfaction. One of the issues is the occurrence of picking and packing errors, resulting in incorrect products being shipped to customers, leading to dissatisfaction and increased return rates.

Furthermore, the business has had to deal with lengthy and time-consuming stock-take procedures. This process was disrupting their operations. Another issue was the lack of a centralised system for shipping management, which resulted in the need to manually add shipping methods to each parcel and process orders one by one, increasing the risk of errors and inefficiencies. The business also experienced overselling due to a lack of multichannel inventory management. This led to unfulfilled orders and dissatisfied customers. These challenges required a solution to ensure that the business can operate efficiently and provide high-quality customer service, paving the way for expansion and growth.

The brief

Gifts from handpicked needed a central cloud-based complete solution. Something that could ensure orders from all channels are imported efficiently and accurately. Picking lists could be easily created and followed, and orders could be despatched across multiple couriers automatically with no weighing, measuring or courier selection needed from the despatch team. All of this needed to be in one single platform with access for multiple users.

The solution

StoreFeeder has successfully addressed the challenges faced by Gifts from Handpicked, the solution includes the provision of packing lists in the desired order to facilitate easy picking and has brought all of their sales channels together for easy dispatch. The platform also features manifesting with ease, and integrations to the many couriers and services they use. The despatch element of StoreFeeder combined with the shipping rules tool has significantly improved the business's productivity.



  • Picking and packing laborious and inaccurate
  • Collating orders was time-consuming and hard work
  • Inventory management was absent and caused oversells


  • The staff and support are excellent
  • Stress removed from the order processing system
  • Saved hours of time and money
  • Confidence restored as the system works

Natalie Yates founder and CEO says:

"StoreFeeder’s support is great, efficient, and timely. The team keeps us up-to-date with platform changes and added features.  There’s always new couriers and marketplaces being integrated, and this gives us the scope to grow the business. Stock takes are easy now and we can create purchase orders within the system. StoreFeeder is exactly what we needed to take the business forward."