Delicious Designs: StoreFeeder gives online retailers peace of mind and confidence to grow.

Delicious Designs' story

The issues

Delicious designs were using another platform, which turned out to be problematic at best. The system didn't work. All support calls were answered with scepticism, and they were made to feel as though all issues were their issues. They were told that the problems they were experiencing were caused by not understanding the platform. This attitude almost cost them their business. The difficulties experienced killed the confidence within the business, and the owners were not sure that they wanted to carry on.

The solution

Growing from a home business to a busy online store meant that control over all selling platforms was urgent. When starting out, the team at Delicious Designs had a very hands-on approach to the business. All labels were handwritten. They would pick orders individually and had no way to pick multiple orders at one time efficiently.

Also, much time was spent checking the online stores and downloading the orders. Growth dictated that these issues needed to be managed and automated as a priority.

StoreFeeder has enabled Delicious Designs to control all of their channels in one dashboard. Integrate all of their couriers and set rules that take the manual process out of assigning shipping to orders.

The thorough onboarding process was a gift. The onboarding team held their hands through the whole process, and now the system takes care of otherwise labour intensive work.



  • Growing Business
  • Despatching orders became labour intensive
  • Used a system that could not deliver
  • Confidence in the success of the business was lost


  • The staff and support are excellent
  • Has taken all of the stress out of order processing
  • Saved hours of time
  • Confidence restored as the system works