April release updates: StoreFeeder V3 homepage, quicker shipping method swapping and automatic product creation

May 10, 2024


Harry James

Welcome to the latest Release Updates post.

Today's title is packed full of exciting features and I simply can't contain myself any longer! Rather than some colloquial small talk that I'd usually fill the introduction with, I have some great news to share with you all instead. This month we are planning to release the V3 Homepage Beta and very soon you will have the option to try it out on your own StoreFeeder account! Check out a little sneak preview below:

It looks great! But of course, if there is any feedback you'd like to provide us we'd love to hear it. You can provide it to us by clicking on the vial icon found in the top right of the new homepage, it looks a bit like this:

But of course that's not the only thing we've been working on!

As per usual, our developers have been working hard to bring you an exciting update this month. There has been a lot of work in the background (which you can read about here) but there have been some great updates and new features released this past month, the highlights of which are below:

Quicker Shipping Method Change on Despatched/Pre-Despatched Orders

Prior to this update it wasn't possible to alter the shipping method on an order if it was assigned to a pickwave or despatched/pre-despatched. Now originally this was part of a bigger plan to stop orders being meddled with whilst they were in the middle of being picked/packed; you would have to take the order off of the pickwave and cancel the consignment in order to change the shipping method. With this update, we took a step back and thought, editing the shipping really has nothing to do with the items in the order, so it's a little irrelevant to our original plan!

So we've reinstated the ability to edit the shipping method on orders that are despatched/pre-despatched and even those that are already assigned to a pickwave.

Now, all you need to do to change a shipping method on a despatched order is click the 'Change Shipping Method' button found on under the Shipping & Handling section of the 'Edit order' page as shown below:

Clicking this button will free up the shipping method dropdown box and allow you to select the new one that you would like the order to have.

Be aware though, changing the shipping method on an order will delete the existing consignment and create a new label automatically after clicking save. This may incur additional courier costs.

Create Products Automatically from Listings

For those of you out there that consistently have the same SKU's for your products across all channels they are listed on, this may be a very useful tool for you. We've added the option for to have StoreFeeder create products upon listing import as long as the SKU doesn't already exist as a product already. I must stress not to switch this feature on if you're uncertain if your SKU's match across your channels, it could lead to duplicate products within StoreFeeder which in turn could cause inventory problems.

This feature is currently available for the following channels:

  • BluePark
  • EKM
  • Etsy
  • Fruugo
  • OnBuy
  • Shopify
  • Visualsoft
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom

The toggle to switch it on can be found under the 'Stock Management' section when editing your chosen integration as shown below:

Xero Invoice Status upon Upload

It has been raised a few times that our users would like Xero invoices to be able to be uploaded in a 'Draft' status to allow for easy deletion if things go wrong.  We are also aware that other users would prefer it to stay as it is now.  So we thought, why not give both options? We've implement a dropdown so that you can choose the status your Xero invoices get uploaded in. You can find this dropdown on your Xero integration under the 'Invoice Settings' section as shown below:


There have been some great new features and fixes implemented in this last month's release's and we hope you find them useful in one way or another.

As always we’ll keep working hard to provide you with the best service we can.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team

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