Supplier Management

Easily manage multiple suppliers to ensure you can instantly keep up with changes in customer demand. StoreFeeder has the ability to suggest stock replenishment and can create purchase orders. You will have full view of what stock you have and what you need to keep up with sales.

Features & benefits


Smart Requisitioning

With StoreFeeder, you have a requisitions tool that will give you suggestions for stock ordering that can easily be converted into purchase orders. These suggestions come directly from sales data collated within StoreFeeder.


Manage Invoices And Payment Tracking

As StoreFeeder can integrate with your accounting software and payment gateways, uploading sales information to your accounts software can be automated.


Track Best Selling Lines and Utilise Supplier Feeds

Knowing which ranges to expand and which your most popular lines are has never been easier. StoreFeeder’s dashboard give you up to date numbers on your best selling lines. Using FTPs StoreFeeder can also update your inventory using your suppliers stock levels. The benefit being you can take orders on stock that is available through your supplier but may not be in your warehouse.