Magento Warehouse Management System

If you already have your own Magento eCommerce store set up, and you manage your own order fulfilment, have you ever considered using a warehouse management software? Designed to help you create an organised and efficient system that will help minimise human error, using a Magento warehouse management extension can remove the stress regularly caused by order fulfilment.

Whether your business is rapidly expanding and you’re looking to add an additional warehousing unit in the near future, or you’re happy with the space you have but want to implement a more structured system to help day-to-day operations run smoother, there are many ways in which this software can benefit your business.

From allowing you to closely monitor warehouse stock levels using real-time data, to reducing errors through automating manual tasks, StoreFeeder’s warehouse management software allows you to access everything from one convenient place.

Why use a warehouse management system for your Magento store?

Although you may already have a well-organised and fully-functioning online store with plenty of orders on the go, you might be looking for a more systematic approach to help your business efficiently keep up with supply and demand.

After all, there can be a number of issues caused by not having a proper system in place in your warehouse. The most common of these include the increased possibility of order mix-ups when picking and packing, over or underestimating stock levels through inefficient monitoring, and an insufficient workforce to manage daily operations. All of these problems can cause the packing and delivery process to take longer than necessary, leading to dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.

Fortunately for retailers who have an online store built on Magento, you can improve your efficiency with StoreFeeder’s warehouse management system. Perfect for those who have trouble with their current picking and packing process and have been considering upgrading for a while, or those who have expanded their space and need to optimise the layout for intelligent storage. We’ve gathered some statistics to help you make a more informed decision on whether employing our software is worthwhile for you.

  • A drastic increase in parcel theft and loss in the UK was reported in 2022* – Witnessing a 5% rise on the previous year, there were around 8 million parcels that were lost or stolen between May 2021 and April 2022. However, there are a few ways you can help reduce the chance of this happening to your business. Implementing an efficient warehouse management system allows you to keep track of any deliveries en route. StoreFeeder also integrates with some of the UK’s most credible couriers – many of which have stringent delivery rules and regulations. These include Royal Mail, DHL, DPD and more, meaning your parcel is less likely to get lost or stolen, improving your reputation with customers.
  • Expected to continue into summer 2023, 66% of UK businesses experienced supply chain delays in 2022** – With many businesses still feeling the effects of the disruption caused by the pandemic, almost a quarter of UK businesses in the cited report anticipate that supply issues will continue well into summer 2023. However, there is a simple and efficient way to help minimise delays and get your business moving again. As a warehouse is a crucial part of the supply chain, StoreFeeder’s software can help you get your business back on track. From boasting an easy on-boarding process, to automating otherwise time-consuming manual tasks and helping to streamline  fulfillment – this system makes warehouse management a much less daunting task.
  • 58% of businesses have experienced a loss in customers** – In many cases, supply chain issues aren’t down to the business itself, but a wider issue. However, using StoreFeeder’s system can help to ease the stress of those problems. The marketplace, webstore and courier integrations all make for a hassle-free returns process. This means that customers who aren’t happy with their items can easily return them to you using the label provided. These can then be exchanged or returned back to the stock once it reaches the warehouse, keeping both the business and customer content and free from stress. The overall efficiency of StoreFeeder helps prevent your business from running into common issues relating to human error, problems with couriers and more at the warehouse level, helping to reduce the risk of frustrated customers.

 Sources: Penn Elcom Global Parcel Theft Report*, SAP News Center**

What are the benefits of using a warehouse management system for Magento?

Now you’re familiar with the reasons why you might want to consider using an intelligent warehouse management system for your Magento store, we’re keen to highlight a number of benefits associated with using StoreFeeder as your software of choice.

  • Easily train your staff & maximise efficiency – Perfect for rapidly-expanding businesses, with StoreFeeder’s main software and accompanying app, new employees can quickly and easily get to grips with the StoreFeeder platform in a few short minutes. Following an induction, trainees should be able to pick, pack and dispatch an order in 5 minutes. Want to know exactly how we do this? Get in touch for a chat or book a demo and we’ll show you.
  • Streamline picking and packing – Among having the ability to simplify other tasks, StoreFeeder can easily automate the picking and packing operations for your business. This is done through utilising a user-friendly barcode/SKU-driven system, which can allow for a more efficient fulfilment process through reducing thinking time, as well as minimising the chance of human error occurring.
  • Keep it secureWith global data breaches having witnessed a 70% rise globally for Q3 in 2022, it’s no wonder that more businesses are looking at ways they can keep sensitive data from reaching the wrong hands – whether internally or externally. StoreFeeder’s secure system allows you to customise user permissions for staff in different departments with varying responsibility levels, which can help keep sensitive data safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best warehouse management system for online retailers?

As well as Magento, StoreFeeder is compatible with a number of other popular eCommerce platforms used by thousands of online retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Not On The High Street and more, allowing retailers who sell across multiple channels to manage their warehouse from one convenient place.

With the ability to automate a wide range of day-to-day operations, StoreFeeder can help transform your warehouse by creating a streamlined system. This makes life easier for your employees, while allowing you to stress less and focus on improving and expanding other aspects of your business.

What other services can StoreFeeder provide?

Providing a number of other services, including seamless integration between multiple leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, couriers and more, let us help you discover how  StoreFeeder can help you manage your business. Book a free demo with one of our experts today.