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Warehouse Management Software for Small Businesses

June 16, 2022

If you’re a small business owner running an ecommerce store, then you may be in search of a great piece of software that can integrate with your warehouse and allow you to spend more time focussing on growing your business.

StoreFeeder is the perfect fit for all sizes of business, from under £1m to £30m plus, from a few orders a day to thousands. This is thanks to the numerous integrations StoreFeeder offers ecommerce companies - as it can act as your warehouse management system and inventory management software, as well as integrate between ecommerce platforms, payment gateways, courier services, online marketplaces (such as ebay, ETSY, Amazon and more), to provide a single piece of software that effectively acts as your dedicated ecommerce manager.

Although StoreFeeder software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, we have explained more about the benefits StoreFeeder can offer small businesses in this blog post - particularly those in search of warehouse inventory management software.

About StoreFeeder’s Warehouse Inventory Management Capabilities

StoreFeeder acts as a powerful piece of multi-channel ecommerce software that can manage your inventory, listings and orders, as well as integrate with leading platforms, couriers, marketplaces and more. This gives you full visibility over your inventory levels in real-time - so that you can forecast for supply and demand fluctuations allowing you to stock the right level of inventory all year round and never risk over selling or running out of stock again.

As well as managing your inventory levels, StoreFeeder’s warehouse management software helps you to drive efficiencies across your warehouse system by reducing picking and packing errors, organising stock, fulfilling customer orders and managing returns. The software is compatible with the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms and this integration acts as a bridge between your ecommerce store and StoreFeeder itself - operating as an intelligent warehouse management system. 

StoreFeeder’s PDA functionality for Improved Warehouse Management 

Offering small business owners looking for warehouse management software exceptional value for money, StoreFeeder can also integrate with Android-based PDA handsets or Android mobile devices to send and receive information. This is the perfect stepping stone into tech-integrated warehouse management for young businesses, as it provides your warehouse team with delivery updates, stock locations and availability, stock transfers and other useful picking information to drive warehouse efficiencies and ultimately, save your small business valuable time and money. 

Another reason small business owners choose our warehouse management software is because StoreFeeder also integrates with Android technologies. This gives you complete freedom when it comes to choosing which PDA devices you would like your business to use.This is ideal for small and large ecommerce businesses as it means there’s no expensive updates or stagnant progression with dated technologies - you can pick and choose the Android device that’s right for your business and StoreFeeder will be compatible. 

Key features of StoreFeeder’s Shopify Warehouse integration software

  • Intuitive Interface

You don’t have to be a developer or IT whizz to get the most out of StoreFeeder’s software. So whether you’re a one-man ecommerce team or small family-sized business, our interface is designed to be completely intuitive. This means that any team member can easily navigate through the platform to get to the information needed quickly and easily. We also offer orientation training for your staff so that each team member has the chance to get familiar with StoreFeeder and ask questions relevant to their role. This training is all part of our thorough onboarding process and comes at no extra cost to you - another huge bonus for smaller businesses on tight budgets. 

  • Freedom to choose your preferred courier 

Whether you use one courier for Shopify orders and another for eBay orders, or have plans to scale to international deliveries and need to expand your courier connections in the future, you have the freedom to partner with as many courier companies as you like with StoreFeeder. We can integrate with Yodel, Royal Mail, DPD, DHL, FedEx and many more of the world’s leading delivery companies - so should you ever wish to switch couriers or partner with an additional one - you can do so with the confidence that it will not cause disruption to your business. 

Again, this gives small business owners freedom of choice when it comes to couriers - meaning you can partner with a courier that offers you exceptional service and value - and you can easily change or add couriers as your business scales with no disruption. 

  • Customer returns made simple 

Returns are an unfortunate part of running an ecommerce business, and can be a particularly big drain on resources for smaller businesses who operate on tight margins. With StoreFeeder, you can take the stress out of the returns process and have more visibility over return percentages and factor them into your business model. Whether you sold a product on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or another platform, your customer can simply print their return label, and, once it reaches your warehouse, making an exchange or processing a refund is a quick and easy process. 

How much does StoreFeeder cost?

As a small business owner or the ecommerce manager within a small business, we know that often, the final decision can all come down to price. The great news is that for ecommerce businesses with less than £1m annual turnover, StoreFeeder starts at just £350 per month.

Visit our pricing page for more information.

Can I try StoreFeeder for free?

Yes! The best way to try StoreFeeder is through one of our professional demonstrations and they are perfect for small business owners as we can discuss the exact features you’re interested in - such as warehouse management or our courier integrations. By trying StoreFeeder in this way, we can tailor the demo to your business and its needs, as well as show you in detail the features you are most interested in. Book a demo to find out more.

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June 16, 2022

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