Magento Integration Software

If your eCommerce store is hosted on Magento, you can bolster the power of this platform with StoreFeeder’s seamless Magento integration. Working to bring together your webstore platform with your marketplaces, accounting software, payment gateways and even your courier services, StoreFeeder can help you to manage the daily workings of your eCommerce business in one easy to use platform.    

Magento Integration Software

For businesses that sell across multiple channels, listing your products across several marketplaces as well as your own site, managing the stock levels of each, picking and packing accordingly and ensuring prices are consistent can be a 24-hour, 7-day a week job. For growing eCommerce businesses, this workload can eventually become overwhelming, but there is a solution.

StoreFeeder’s Magento integration software works to streamline those processes, making the process of updating products and prices less labour intensive.  Inventory management is automated so that any sales made, no matter on what channel are updated and are reflected across all channels. StoreFeeder can seamlessly manage the integration of Magento with marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, ETSY, Not on the High Street and many other popular platforms, as well as a host of well-know courier services like DPD, Hermes, Yodel, Royal Mail, Parcelforce and more.

Benefits of StoreFeeder’s Magento integration software include:

  • Magento order management: Manage orders across your Magento website and all third-party marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and ETSY to name just a few
  • Magento inventory management: Manage inventory levels across Magento and all other sales channels, meaning no manual input is required as stock levels are automatically updated as products are sold
  • Easily update product information on Magento and across all channels, such as pricing or content changes. This can be done on a bulk basis too, making sales and stock clearance simple
  • Remove out of stock or discontinued products from all marketplaces and your Magento eCommerce store in one easy to manage platform to ensure nothing is missed and customers aren’t disappointed
  • Add products to all sales channels, either on an individual basis or in bulk when new lines are introduced by your business
  • Manage shipping processes across all sales channels and couriers so that each product is picked, packed and shipped accurately
  • Streamline your payment processes by integrating PayPal and Opayo with your Magento platform enabling you to securely take orders on the telephone.

Magento & Amazon Integration

Amazon is an increasingly popular marketplace, enabling businesses across the globe to widen their customer base and generate sales. With this in mind, we know how important it is to be able to manage this marketplace efficiently – so, if you are using Magento StoreFeeder will enable you to manage that inventory and simultaneously sell that inventory on the Amazon marketplace. All orders, be they from Amazon or your Magento site will be actionable through one StoreFeeder dashboard. This integration also enables you to manage stock levels, orders and shipments in one dashboard.


Magento & eBay Integration

For independent and growing eCommerce businesses alike, ETSY is a great platform to help further promote your business and widen your reach to potential customers. StoreFeeder helps you manage your Magento store and the inventory on your ETSY marketplace. Bringing your order into one dashboard for processing and despatch.


Magento & Etsy Integration

Manage all orders across your Etsy marketplace with StoreFeeder, our intelligent Magento and Etsy integration software. With StoreFeeder, you can upload, amend or remove product listings from both Etsy and Magento in one platform, as well as all other marketplaces, as well as manage stock levels and process orders.

Free Magento Integration Software Demo

If you are Interested to learn more about how StoreFeeder can help you expand your  Magento store across multiple marketplaces and platforms. And help you to streamline your multi-channel sales process? Experience the ease and convenience for yourself by booking a free demo to find out exactly how the software works and how simple it is to use.

Frequently asked questions

Which marketplaces can integrate with Magento?

Through StoreFeeder your Magento store can efficiently integrate with a host of third-party marketplaces, from the most popular like Amazon and eBay, to the more niche like Etsy, Not on the High Street and more. You can view all marketplaces that Magento integrates with on our integrations page.

Which couriers can integrate with Magento?

Whether you work with a single courier, or manage shipping across multiple couriers, StoreFeeder enables you to integrate Magento with a wide range of well-known courier services, including DHL, DPD, Hermes, Royal Mail, Parcelforce and more.

What else can StoreFeeder do?

StoreFeeder can also seamlessly integrate your eCommerce platform with your accounting software and payment gateways, meaning you truly do only need one platform to manage every business process. StoreFeeder also contains a feature rich warehouse management solution and mobile application that gives u affection warehouse operations from the desk or on the warehouse floor. Book your free demo.