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How Can Warehouse Management Reduce Costs?

June 2, 2022

Running a warehouse can be extremely costly, but luckily, there’s an efficient and convenient way to reduce warehouse costs, with our innovative management system. StoreFeeder will allow you to save on management costs and operational costs by providing real-time data, minimise supply chain issues with a barcode/SKU-driven picking and packing system and much more. 

StoreFeeder’s streamlined warehouse management system will make complicated tasks like inventory control and managing orders an absolute breeze, while saving your business money. Supporting a range of duties vital to the smooth running of warehouse operations, StoreFeeder will also enable multiple warehouses and fulfilment partners to merge with ease, without hassle. 

How StoreFeeder’s Warehouse Management System will Reduce Costs

Access to real time data can reduce warehouse costs

If you’re still relying on old-school methods, here’s your sign to ditch the pen and paper and utilise our efficient warehouse management system. StoreFeeder reports on real-time data, so you can record and assess your sales date, enabling you to group products together by the number of sales and orders, which will provide the information you need to keep up to date with stock and purchases made. 

Efficient and timely, the data will improve warehouse layout, which will create more space for additional inventory, or even enable a warehouse downsize, significantly reducing the cost of rent. Therefore, you can rest assured that you won’t be paying more than you need to for space.

Increase in productivity and reduced labour costs 

Featuring an intuitive main interface and app, StoreFeeder’s warehouse management system allows for smooth sailing in all warehouse duties. Whether a new permanent staff member or temporary employee, our software will enable them to perform daily packing duties with ease. 

Following a simple induction, warehouse staff should be able to prepare orders within 5 minutes (which, here at StoreFeeder, we like to call the five minute rule). With the cost of labour undoubtedly a large expense, our innovative software enables warehouse employees to work efficiently and effectively, which lowers the need to hire additional staff. Allowing orders to be prepared at a fast pace, StoreFeeder will keep customers happy, eager to buy from you again.

PDA functionality for pickers and packers

StoreFeeder’s PDA functionality minimises the chance of human error, which will make it less likely for costly customer service issues to occur further down the line, such as customer complaints, refunds, negative reviews and will also prevent problems with the supply chain. 

Featuring a user-friendly barcode/SKU-driven picking and packing system, StoreFeeder will increase the efficiency of the fulfilment process by reducing thinking time, resulting in an increase in productivity among employees. This will free up time to stock extra inventory and, therefore, process more orders, enabling the business to make more money in the long run.

Sell on Amazon and fulfil within the business’ own warehouse

Storing your inventory in an Amazon fulfilment centre can be costly, requiring a fulfilment fee and a storage fee. Plus, storage fees are charged by cubic foot used per month, so slower-moving stock might have higher storage costs. However, our effective system will provide the software needed to fulfil in the business’ own warehouse and still sell on Amazon. 

Enabling a huge amount to be saved on storage fees, storing inventory in a business’ own warehouse will significantly reduce operational costs, and a higher margin will be gained with each sale made. With your own warehouse, you’ll have more control over inventory, so you will have the assurance that everything is running smoothly, all managed by our intelligent software. 

Ability to use preferred or multiple couriers 

StoreFeeder’s connections with the UK’s top couriers means it’s likely that you won’t have to worry about looking for a different partner, and can continue to use your preferred one. As a result, you’ll be saving on the costs that might have otherwise come with switching. And, with StoreFeeder, you’re able to use multiple couriers, speeding up the delivery process, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, meaning they will be more likely to buy from your business again. 

However, if a switch in couriers ever needs to be done, with our handy system, the process won’t cause any disruptions or delays, so customers can still receive their deliveries on-time. 

Intelligent Warehouse Management System

From providing your business with the flexibility to sell on Amazon without the added fees of storing your inventory at a fulfilment centre, to providing access to real-time data that will save on overall warehouse costs, our efficient warehouse management system will make working life for you and your employees much easier. Take the stress out of running your business with StoreFeeder, which will help you save on management and operational costs. Take a look at our price list and get in touch with us today for a free demonstration.

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June 2, 2022

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