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An Introduction to StoreFeeder - The Best Multichannel Software for Your eCommerce Business

June 16, 2023


If you’re looking for the very best piece of multichannel ecommerce software available on the market, then you’ve just found it. 

StoreFeeder’s eCommerce software offers a whole host of useful features and integrations that make it the perfect solution for businesses selling online - particularly those that as well as having their own site, sell across several marketplaces, such as Amazon and ebay. 

So what is it that makes StoreFeeder the best solution out there? Well, in this blog post we’ll run through all of StoreFeeder’s capabilities as well as consider exactly what it is that sets us apart from other multichannel ecommerce software companies.  

StoreFeeder has many eCommerce integrations

At StoreFeeder, we pride ourselves on the world-leading integrations that we’re able to offer our customers. Our software can seamlessly integrate with:

Online Marketplaces

Perfect for those that sell on their own website, across external marketplaces or both, StoreFeeder can integrate with Amazon, ebay, ETSY, Not On The High Street, ShopTo, OnBuy and more.

With these integrations, you can manage all of your product listings, sales and more in one place. This level of control extends to product and service pricing, with the ability to alter prices either for all marketplaces at once, or individually for each marketplace. From a business perspective, this gives you the ability to factor in differing commissions for different marketplaces into your pricing strategy. Or, if you want to run a sale on certain products, ranges or your entire stock, then you can adjust your prices within StoreFeeder and these discounts will automatically be applied to your listings on Amazon, ebay, ETSY and many others. 

As well as updating your pricing, you can use the StoreFeeder interface to upload new products across multiple marketplaces, update product descriptions centrally, remove products and much more. Ultimately, rather than carrying out the same task laboriously, you can save time and money by using StoreFeeder’s ecommerce software.  

Multiple courier integrations

Whether you use one courier partner or multiple, StoreFeeder integrates with the world’s most popular couriers including DPD, DHL, Yodel, Royal Mail, Parcelforrce, Hermes, UPS, TNT, FedEx and many more. A complete list of couriers can be found here.

With StoreFeeder, there is no limit to the number of courier partners you can use and integrate with at any one time. So, whether you want to choose a specific courier for international deliveries, or for a specific marketplace - you have complete freedom to do so. 

Better still, because of the large number of partners you can choose from, this also means that you can switch providers or add a partner at any time without this being an issue for the business.  

Multiple platform integrations

Whether you’re an established ecommerce business selling on Magento or Shopify Plus, or you’re just starting out using WooCommerce, we can support your platform. 

StoreFeeder’s multichannel ecommerce software is the best because it can be used to support more than five million businesses using the most popular platforms, which include:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Opencart 
  • EKM
  • BluePark

Payment Gateways and Accounting Software Integrations 

Our accounting software and payment integrations will ensure that you keep your finances in-check. This means that all of your accounting can be kept in sync - including paying suppliers, overheads and staff, as well as tracking order payments and handling refunds. 

Many businesses have a preferred accounting software that they use such as Xero or KashFlow. Individually, these are great pieces of software, but when they integrate with your entire ecommerce system including online marketplaces, the benefits provided by your accounting software are taken to the next level.

Offering a completely clear overview in real-time in regards to your finances, our accounting integrations include:

  • Xero
  • KashFlow
  • TradeBox
  • PayPal
  • SagePay

Intuitive Interface

There’s nothing worse than signing up to a piece of software that’s supposed to help make your life easier, only to realise that the interface is a challenge to use.

Ultimately, if a software is difficult to use, then it will put you off using it regularly and that software investment will quickly become a burden. That’s why we’ve developed the best multichannel ecommerce platform on the market - because you don’t need to be a developer or tech enthusiast to get the most out of the StoreFeeder. 

We understand that it takes all sorts of people to make any ecommerce business a success - that means individuals from professional developers to technophobes, so we ensured that our interface was intuitive for users of all abilities. 

At StoreFeeder, we pride ourselves on our user-friendly software interface and have received a huge amount of positive feedback from users on how quickly they got to grips with all of the features. Don’t believe us? Request a demo today and experience the very best multichannel ecommerce software first-hand.  

Expert onboarding

Although our software is very intuitive, we’ve taken every precaution to ensure it is as useful to your business as possible from the get-go by creating multiple layers of support for our customers from the onboarding stage and beyond. 

This includes a dedicated StoreFeeder support assistant to get your business up and running with the software. You’ll be on first-name terms with your personal assistant and you’ll receive 5* support with any questions you may have throughout the process. 

To help our customers further, we’ve also set up a dedicated support website - - where you can find detailed step-by-step guides for specific features and integrations should you get stuck at any point. 

For example, you want to make an ebay listing for a variant product but don’t know how - don’t worry! We have a guide for that which will take you through the steps click-by-click.

Five-star customer reviews

StoreFeeder is one of the most powerful ecommerce management software platforms available in the UK and Europe, and we offer an exceptional support service to customers at all levels. 

Our five-star reviews set us apart from our competition, making StoreFeeder the most popular multichannel ecommerce software out there based on the percentage of five star reviews we receive. 

We take our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service very seriously at StoreFeeder, and spend as much time with customers as they need. Whether that’s during the decision making process, onboarding period, or providing general advice on an ongoing basis, our customers benefit from expert support and sound advice, on-hand when you need it most.

At StoreFeeder, we also have no limit in the number of tickets or queries you can make with our team, meaning there is no extra charge for hitting a limit. This means that, when you sign up to StoreFeeder, you can benefit from an excellent level of service with a team dedicated to providing assistance when needed.  

We’re delighted to have every five-star review for our platform and work very closely with users to ensure they receive unrivalled support.

“Excellent service, Storefeeder are quick to respond to any queries, and to resolve issues. Staff are all very helpful. I was very cautious to begin with as I'd never heard of this company, but I have absolutely no regrets! We currently use Amazon (including FBA), eBay, Magento, and WooCommerce, and bar a few little niggles they have all integrated very well. Stocktaking and keeping track of listings is now so easy. Storefeeder are also keen to listen to suggestions and are constantly making improvements and additions.”

SallBB, WebRetailer Official Review

Zero commission on your sales

Unlike other multichannel ecommerce software providers out there, it is our commitment to never charge commission on sales.

This means there’s no unexpected bills at the end of the month, as StoreFeeder pricing is tiered by revenue made through your ecommerce website. 

We also cover this within our free StoreFeeder demonstration, so that you can see how our pricing works for your business in the short, medium and long term. We can even forecast cost savings when comparing StoreFeeder with other multichannel ecommerce software providers over time to help you make the best decision.

How do we get started?

StoreFeeder offers a full onboarding service. Our team is on-hand to take you through every step of the setup process. This ensures that when you go live with the system you are familiar with how it works and can get the absolute most out of the platform. This service is included in your subscription fee and could save you between £500 and £3,000 depending upon the size of your business. 

Ready for a free demo?

StoreFeeder can offer you all of the above and much more, but the best way to understand how our software can benefit your business is to try a free demonstration.

Book your free Demo here.

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June 16, 2023

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