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StoreFeeder - Did you know? Part 1

August 11, 2022

Over the years, we have added some useful tools and functions to the StoreFeeder platform. However, being development geeks and not PR gurus, we have been bad at letting the wider world know about them. Well, that is about to change.

In a new blog series, we’ll be asking "Did you know?". In these blogs, we will explain some of the lesser-known functions, buttons, processes, and actions that StoreFeeder has developed all with the purpose of helping you.


To launch the series, we are asking a couple of questions.

"Did you know", that StoreFeeder can suggest to you when and what stock you need to order and suggest suppliers and the number of units you should order?

The Requisitions page takes the guesswork out of re-ordering stock. You can give each supplier on the system a "mode" letting StoreFeeder know how much of this supplier’s stock you would like to have in stock at any time.

The system then monitors your sales. When your stock level falls below the "mode" level that you have set for that supplier, the SKU will appear on the 'Requisitions Page'.

This page can be found at 'Products > Purchase Orders' and then in the 'Requisitions' tab.

The page provides a quick overview of suggested purchase orders based on your recent sales and supplier purchase order mode.

So, if your supplier is set to be "Sold Last 30 days", this suggests that you would like to have a minimum of 30 days of stock left before you order more inventory. StoreFeeder monitors sales and if you have sold 50 units in the last 30 days when your stock hits 49 units, StoreFeeder adds the SKU to the 'Requisitions Page' telling you that you are under your preferred stock level.

From there, you can choose whether you would like to raise a purchase order using these suggestions. If you do, there is a quick raise option that creates the purchase order for you.

There is a knowledge base guide to give you more information on this useful feature. You can read it here.

"Did you know, that StoreFeeder can tell you what your stock levels were at a specific time and date in the past?”

We do not always want to know what stock levels we have right at this moment. Sometimes, for end-of-year accounting purposes etc, it is necessary to know what your stock levels were on a particular date in the past.

StoreFeeder has a function for you to ask what your inventory levels were on a given date.

For example, if you want a stock report for 12th October 2021 at 12.30 pm, you can have it.

To access this report, visit 'Reports > Products' and select the 'Stock Levels by Date' report:

You can find a knowledge base guide that will give you more information on this feature here.

That wraps up our first “Did you know…” blog. These two features are in the system for you to use right now. They’ll help with stock management and give you the tools to ensure that you capitalise on every sale and keep your customers happy.

"Did you know?" shall return.

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August 11, 2022

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