The online destination for ladies fashion, WantThatTrend.com was founded by Victoria Molyneux. As a single mum, Victoria launched the e-boutique aged just 27 with only her savings. Since then, it’s grown into a multi-million pound, award-winning women’s fashion online store.

Since using StoreFeeder, the business has managed to grow while also making savings by shortening order processing times.

In the video below, WantThatTrend.com business manager, Joanne Ebbrell, explains the impact using StoreFeeder software has had on the business.

Storefeeder 'Want That Trend' from Peter Thornhill Films on Vimeo.

“Hi, I’m Joanne Ebbrell and I’m business manager for WantThatTrend.com and WantThatTrend.com are a women’s online boutique. The business started in 2015 and it’s grown from one person – Victoria. She was a single mum, trying to make a bit of money whilst looking after her baby, and so she started selling dresses online. She thought ‘oh I’ll give it a go and see how we go’. It’s grown so much, it’s now an award-winning, multi-million pound company – and I’m pretty sure that some of that success is due to StoreFeeder.

What’s unique about WantThatTrend.com is the way we sell the dresses. Victoria takes the pictures herself, she picks the items, takes the picture in a selfie-style and then the item gets posted online and sold that way. The great thing about StoreFeeder is that it’s efficient. It has saved us money and it’s just simple and easy to use. Without StoreFeeder we couldn’t get this far. It has made a huge impact on the business. From a team of four people processing orders, now it’s just one person doing it all on a daily basis which has saved us 75%.

Everyone loves it. It’s easy to use. The girls who process the orders find the software very simple, so there was not much training needed which was really good.

Their support team has been here for us from the start and we have found them all very helpful. You get through, you speak to a person who is at your level and they speak simple ‘normal people language’ which is really good for us.

The great thing about StoreFeeder is that the complexity matches our needs. We’ve not taken advantage of the software just yet, but as we grew, the StoreFeeder software grew with us. There’s so much more that we can do with it, so we know that as Want That Trend grows, so will StoreFeeder.

In the past, we have used other software companies and they’ve not been reliable. We struggled with so many things which, to be fair, are so different to StoreFeeder because they make our life easier.

We have worked with StoreFeeder so closely that we now look at them as business partners – almost like a sister company. Pretty much Want That Trend Wants That StoreFeeder and I know that we’ll be using them for years to come!”