PDA Functionality

Utilising either Android™-based PDA handsets or an Android™ or iOS mobile phone, the StoreFeeder App synchronises directly to the main StoreFeeder warehouse management system (WMS) to effortlessly send and receive information about deliveries, stock locations, stock transfers, inventory levels and picking information. This removes the need for paper in the warehouse and gives your staff a cutting-edge, efficient solution to essential warehousing tasks.

Key features


Intuitive User Interface

The StoreFeeder Warehouse Management System (WMS) incorporates our App, which provides an intuitive user interface for warehouse employees and warehouse managers. Our PDA software provides step by step processes for everyday warehouse tasks including picking, goods in and stock checks, meaning staff have a tool to improve their own efficiency and performance as well as ensuring accuracy for the business in stock related activities. For managers and business owners, the app provides accurate, live data to provide the key information you need to remotely manage your warehouse. For managers, all user actions performed through the app are automatically attributed to the logged in user and time and date stamped to ensure that they have complete traceability of actions,


Paper-Free Picking

With StoreFeeder's paperless picking feature, warehouse staff can access pickwaves directly through our PDA software on handheld devices like smart phones or PDAs. This allows them to navigate the warehouse more efficiently, locate items accurately, validate picks, and update the status of picked items in real-time. The guided paperless picking process not only reduces the potential for errors but also enhances overall productivity of staff, and with businesses rightly focusing on their "green” credentials, switching to a paper free operation can help reduce the carbon footprint of your business. The utilisation of the app in our warehouse management system helps makes your warehouse that little bit greener and more environmentally friendly.


Streamlined Goods In Process

Our PDA software is designed to streamline and enhance the goods-in process for businesses of all sizes, offering improved accuracy and increased efficiency in the put-away process. With our software, simplifying your operations becomes effortless. The process is straightforward: just scan a received product, and the software will open active purchase orders or enable you to create an ad-hoc one. You can scan stock in or add stock quantities manually with ease. The software facilitates locating the allocated pick bin or finding a new, empty location for efficient product placement. Additionally, our quick book function allows you to conveniently book all stock into a designated holding goods-in location, enabling easy transfer to the final locations at a later time.


Live Inventory Updates

The StoreFeeder warehouse management system seamlessly synchronises with our PDA app, ensuring that any stock-related activities such as booking in, adjustments, or stock checks reflect instantly on the main StoreFeeder UI. This real-time update enables you to have accurate and up-to-date information about stock levels at both the location and product level. Moreover, this updated inventory data is automatically updated across your sales channels, enabling you to ensure your total available stock is for sale across all marketplaces and web stores. Additionally, our system includes a convenient quarantined stock function. This feature allows you to book in stock while keeping it unavailable for sale.


Barcode scanning for enhanced accuracy

Our App-powered warehouse management system enables companies to harness the power of technology, specifically barcode scanning, for validation of picks, confirmation of products when performing warehouse tasks like stock checks, or transfers, and ensuring accurate data capture for reliable data entry on tasks such as booking in or despatch. All of these reduce the chances of picking errors, shipping mistakes, and inventory discrepancies. Barcode validation during the picking process not only improves accuracy but also allows you to monitor picker performance and track progress. This validation also ensures that the correct products are picked and passed to the despatch benches, reducing the likelihood of errors during the despatch stage.


Data in the palm of your hand

The app seamlessly synchronises with the StoreFeeder main warehouse management system, providing users with effortless access to essential product data. Users can view and edit product attributes such as MPN, weight, size, and EAN. Additionally, the app provides real-time information on current stock levels. With customisable user settings, authorised staff members can also access sensitive product-level data, including supplier information and sales history as well as valuable business insights, such as live revenue and order levels, up-to-date warehouse status, and accurate sales information per channel. Furthermore, our PDA software incorporates another crucial feature: all user actions performed through the app are automatically time and date stamped. This ensures that you have complete traceability of actions, allowing for thorough monitoring and analysis.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using handheld PDAs in warehouses?

The StoreFeeder PDA App links directly to our comprehensive WMS function within StoreFeeder giving you live inventory lookup, the ability to transfer stock from location to location, accurate picking, utilising barcode verification, product led goods in, again utilising product barcodes, and comprehensive stock taking ability using up to the second data.

Using the App on handheld devices opens up the ability to utilise barcode verification and improve your accuracy and efficiency throughout your operation. For example, utilising barcode verification in the picking process, leads to more efficient and accurate packing and less incorrectly despatched orders, so in turn less customer service.

The StoreFeeder App can be downloaded onto any Android PDA device, Android mobile phone or iOS device. You really can start using the App and getting real efficiency and accuracy benefits for a low setup cost.

And by using the app, every action is recorded with time/date stamps, user ID’s and action records, and updates the StoreFeeder system in real time, so team leaders and managers can monitor productivity and activity of all users.

Does the StoreFeeder App work with any PDA device?

The StoreFeeder App is available on the Google Play Store and so can be installed onto any Android or iOS device, whether that is a mobile phone or dedicated warehouse PDA.

What other benefits does the StoreFeeder software have to offer?

StoreFeeder is a powerful multi-channel eCommerce software. It can integrate across eCommerce platforms (including Magento, Shopify and more) and marketplaces (including Amazon, eBay and more), alongside payment gateways and delivery operators. Ultimately, the huge range of integrations available means that all of your inventory, warehouse, order management and fulfilment can be carried out on a single piece of software. The StoreFeeder App brings all of these benefits together, making picking and packing orders simple and error-free for your warehouse teams. Better still, the data provided by the PDA app can be used to make system improvements across your warehouse.